(MENAFN - Palestine News Network) The mission, which would have taken place between the 8th and 11th of December, will not continue. A lot of criticism was raised from the political opposition and several activist organizations against the mission, leading to its discontinuation.

In 1988, Thatcher banned local councils from boycotting apartheid South Africa. Now Johnson wants to ban them from boycotting apartheid Israel. Supporters of human rights & freedom of expression should oppose this McCarthyite repression of our peaceful, anti-racist BDS movement. Boris Johnson’s government, like the anti-Palestinian Trump administration, is more than ever directly engaged in Israel’s desperate war of repression on advocacy for Palestinian rights and on BDS in particular.

Wednesday, 50+ Brazilian groups won a victory for Palestinians and for demilitarizing Brazil, mobilizing opposition in Brazil’s Parliament to filibuster a bill to strengthen military and scientific cooperation with Israel. We salute them as this struggle continues into 2020.

The stark irony of Israeli government sponsorship of the “Love Sharing - Festival of Theater and Non-Violent Culture,” which just concluded in Cagliari, Italy, led to defections last week.

On November 9, Palestinian rights supporters from BDS Bologna met Olympic medalist Fiona May following her theatrical debut as co-star in "New York Marathon." May is a member of the Supervisory Board for sportswear manufacturer Puma.   Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which, as documented by the international organization Human Rights Watch, includes football teams based in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Israeli settlements constitute a war crime under international law.

The Global Boycott HP campaign is observing its Week of Action. Groups all over the world are organizing actions, sharing their victories and strengthening the campaign in creative ways. All these efforts are directed towards demanding accountability from Hewlett Packard companies, HP Inc and HP-Enterprises, for their complicity with Israel’s occupation, apartheid and settler-colonialism against Palestinian people.

(versión en español Abajo) United against militarization, from Mexico to Palestine! The Palestinian call for a military embargo on Israel is fundamentally linked to calls for ending militarism and repression across the globe, and for ending Israel’s support for militarism and repression. This is a truly grassroots and effective strategy to battle militarism and military occupations, and work towards our common visions of justice.

Trump’s announced executive order (EO) would continue his dangerous attacks on hard-fought democratic rights. Abusing federal funding to bully universities into suppressing academic freedom and freedom of speech in support of Palestinian rights under international law is anti-democratic and anti-Palestinian.

The anti-Palestinian Trump Administration and Boris Johnson government are more than ever directly engaged in Israel’s desperate war of repression on advocacy for Palestinian rights and the BDS movement in particular. Thanks to your support, our BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality continued to grow in scale and impact in 2019. Donate now to help us fight back.

by Dave Zirin It’s been barely noticed, but this past week saw an incursion of politics into sports like no other. With little reason, the Israeli government made the decision to cancel the Palestinian national football club championship, otherwise known as the FIFA Palestine Cup. The contest between Gaza’s Khadamat Rafah club and Nablus’s FC Balata, located in the central West Bank, had to be called off when Israel denied travel permits to the Gaza team. The trip would have been just a couple of miles.

“I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.” -- Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu