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No Olympics As Usual. Join the campaign to #BanIsrael

More than 300 Palestinian sports teams are calling to ban Israel from the Olympics over its genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

As sports journalist Dave Zirin said, “the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will not act unless we make it.”

So let’s make it.

Join the global campaign to peacefully disrupt the road to Paris 2024 calling on the IOC to #BanIsrael until it ends its crimes against Palestinians and recognizes our UN-stipulated rights.

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There can be no Olympics as usual while Israel continues to escalate its genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and entrench its apartheid regime. Western-dominated international bodies like the IOC that had in the past excluded apartheid South Africa are today not only allowing apartheid Israel to take part, but viciously defending its participation as well! Colonial hypocrisy is at an all-time high.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Protest at Olympic offices

Take the call from Palestinian teams to your National Olympic CommitteeInternational Sports Federations and Recognized Sports Federations. Organize protests, sit-ins, peaceful disruptions, or awareness raising events on Israeli attacks on Palestinian sports. Register your group for more information.

2. Olympics qualifiers and events

From now until the Olympic Games start in July, the road to Paris will be filled with opportunities to remind the IOC that there is no place in the Olympics for genocide perpetrators. Earlier this month, four runners took the #CeasefireNow message to the Olympic Trials Marathon in Florida, crossing the finish line with Palestinian flags. Find information on Olympic time trials and qualifiers (also here) or other Olympics-related events in your area. Register your group for more information.

3. Kick Israeli apartheid out of sports

Is your country a signatory to the International Convention Against Apartheid in Sports? If so, it has an obligation to “take all appropriate action to secure the expulsion of a country practising apartheid from international and regional sports bodies.” Register your group to learn what you can do.

4. Sign the DiEM25 petition to ban Israel from world sports

Join more than 92,000 people from all over the world who have signed the petition calling for banning Israel from international sport.

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5. Sign the petition Eko petition to ban Israel from the Olympics and FIFA

Join more than 140,000 who have called for Israel to be excluded from international sports, including the Olympics and FIFA
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6. Share the campaign on social media.  

Pledge "No Olympics As Usual" unless genocidal Israel is banned. 

Use the hashtags #BanIsrael and #Paris2024. Share the text below from your accounts.

As part of its #GazaGenocide, Israel is also committing sporticide, killing Palestinian @Olympics coaches & athletes and destroying stadiums.

Join I'm pledging "No Olympics As Usual" #BanIsrael  

In Gaza, Israel has killed Palestinian Olympic Football coach Hani Al Masdar, destroyed the Palestinian Olympic Committee offices, and turned sports facilities into shameful mass detention and torture centers.

We can’t sit back as the IOC allows Israel to use the Olympics to sportswash its genocide in Gaza and its apartheid regime against Palestinians everywhere. Support the call from Palestinian teams. Join the campaign to #BanIsrael from the Olympics and peacefully disrupt the road to the Paris 2024 games. 


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