For the last two months, pressure has been mounting on the Basque company CAF to end its business in apartheid Israel’s illegal Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) in and around occupied Jerusalem. A month before CAF’s annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders on June 5, 2021 Amnesty International Spain sent a letter to CAF shareholders urging them to end CAF’s violations of international humanitarian law and Palestinian human rights and drop its business with Israel’s illegal JLR.

Qatar Sports Club announced it has no plans to renew its contract with global sportswear manufacturer Puma amid local and international calls for boycott due to its compliance with the Israeli occupation.

While queer and LGBTQIA+ people around the world celebrate the International Day Against Homophabia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) and Pride Parades, Palestinian queers are living in a state of horror.

After holding an online vote for 24 hours, the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) communicates its endorsement of the BDS movement and the Apartheid-Free Zones declaration. Thank you to all who voted. The turnout out was amazing... more than doubling the votes for previous social movements!

Block ZIM Everywhere! Profiteering from Israeli Apartheid is not welcome anywhere!

CAF: Get out of Sheikh Jarrah!

In May 2021, the world witnessed the resilience, strength, and resistance of Palestinians in the face of a brutal onslaught of forced displacement, lethal bombings, raids, and militarized policing at the hands of the apartheid state of Israel.

(Update: The tallies of collective and individual endorsements have been updated to reflect the latest count of statements following Israel's escalation of violence in May 2021)

We are reaching out because we trust in your commitment in humanity and your belief in justice and human rights. We are also convinced that you reject injustice, exploitation, persecutions, and discrimination of any kind, and especially racial discrimination. We’re reaching out while living the eighth day of an oppressive and brutal Israeli aggression targeting Palestinian people, especially across Gaza’s five counties.

Despite Israel’s massacre in Gaza, the Biden administration has approved the sale of $735 million in precision-guided bombs to Israel, enabling it to continue massacring Palestinian families in Gaza and elsewhere with precision.  

The IDC strongly condemns the massacre of civilians and children in Palestine. Unconditional support to the Palestinian General Strike.

18 May 2021  Palestinians in Jerusalem and across Historic Palestine are observing tomorrow a General Strike to protest Israel’s massacres in Gaza and settler-colonial and apartheid repression and ethnic cleansing against Palestinian communities everywhere.