The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) urges Dinosaur Jr. to cancel their scheduled 17th June concert in apartheid Tel Aviv.

The 16th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) begins today under the theme, United against Racism, advocating for Palestinian rights and growing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to achieve those rights, in the context of global struggles against racial oppression.

U.S. civil rights leader Angela Davis said in a statement:

More than 130 LGBTQIA+ filmmakers and film artists from 15 countries have signed a groundbreaking pledge committing not to participate in TLVFest, the Israeli government-sponsored LGBT film festival in Tel Aviv.

Commemorating International Women’s Day today, we highlight the leadership of women in Palestine and worldwide in struggles against militarization, colonialism, police violence and racial, gender, social and economic oppression. Watch our video about women leading the struggle against militarization  

Watch our video pushing back against the Israeli and Indian governments’ interrelated repression of people in Palestine and India. The Modi government recently amended India's citizenship law, expediting it for Non-Muslims from neighbouring countries, closely mirroring Israel's 'law of return'. Abrogation of Kashmir's special status paves the way for Israel-style settlements in the valley, as recently publicly stated by an Indian diplomat. The arms trade between India and Israel has reached $1 billion each under this government.

After a four-year, cross-continental BDS campaign, Israel’s culinary propaganda festival Round Tables did not take place in 2019. While there has been no official announcement of the demise of the apartheid festival -- which was sponsored by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs and Israeli companies complicit in violations of Palestinian human rights -- campaigners had been told by previous participants that the 2018 edition would be its last.

UPDATE 9th March 2020: We welcome Burning Man’s public condemnation of an Israeli edition that shamelessly promotes the illegal US-Israeli plan to annex the occupied West Bank.

Instead of fighting real anti-Jewish racism at home, Austria’s parliament adopted an anti-democratic resolution today that demonizes BDS as antisemitic and calls to restrict our peaceful movement for Palestinian rights, lending support to Israel’s apartheid. We condemn the anti-Palestinian resolution passed by Austria’s parliament. It contains outright lies, contradicts Austrian and international law, and undermines the important fight against real anti-Jewish racism. 

In March, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) 2020 will be held under the theme, United against Racism, advocating for Palestinian rights in the context of global struggles against racial oppression. Palestinians and progressives worldwide are resisting the Trump-Netanyahu “deal of the century” not only because it is designed to entrench Israeli apartheid, but also because it embodies a trend of expanding global racial repression.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Puma’s already deeply immoral support for Israel’s ever-expanding illegal settlements takes on a more sinister dimension.

A Palestinian rights supporter recently had a chance encounter with a Puma attorney, who said, “You’re making our lives miserable.” That’s right. Puma says that principled calls from human rights groups and sports associations to end its support for illegal Israeli settlements driving Palestinian families off their land are making their lives miserable.