Palestinians thank the hundreds of musicians endorsing our peaceful call to boycott apartheid Israel’s complicit cultural sector. Israeli music venues, festivals and concert promoters are deeply involved in artwashing Israel’s decades-long regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid against Indigenous Palestinians.

Dear Mr Josep Borrell, High Representative of the EU Foreign Policy and Security,  Dear European Ministers for Foreign Affairs,  The undersigned Palestinian and European civil society organisations address this letter to you to express our deep concern regarding the decision to renew the EU - Israel Association Council (hereinafter “Association Council”), which seeks to resume formal dialogue and strengthen cooperation with Israel and mainstream the very problematic “Abraham Accords”.

The UNSG report documents the widespread use of spyware, specifically the military-grade Pegasus program from the Israeli company NSO Group, for intimidation and reprisals against human rights activists. Activists in Palestine, Bahrain and Morocco have been detained, tortured and sexually assaulted by security forces armed with Israeli spyware. 

  The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian coalition leading the global BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality, welcomes the announcement by that tourist reservations inside illegal settlements will now be labelled as a "high risk to safety and to human rights" along with using the term "occupied".

Palestinians call on all international participants in DGTL Tel Aviv 2022 to withdraw, just as they would have withdrawn from a South African festival during apartheid there. Taking place in Yarkon Park in apartheid Tel Aviv, DGTL Tel Aviv festivalgoers will dance on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Jarisha.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian coalition leading the BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality, thanks Chile’s president Gabriel Boric for courageously postponing the accreditation of apartheid Israel’s ambassador after news of Israel’s murder of 17-year-old Odai Trad Salah near Jenin hours earlier.

We, the undersigned Palestinian civil society organizations and the Palestinian Tennis Federation, call on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) to immediately revoke apartheid Israel’s license to host ATP tours and to relocate the ATP 250 tournament planned for 26 September to 2 October.

  On this day in 1982, under the oversight and control of the Israeli occupation forces, a fanatic, Israeli-backed Lebanese militia began a planned 3-day brutal massacre of several thousand Palestinian refugees, along with Lebanese civilians, in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in occupied Beirut. 

Hundreds of Israeli filmmakers have pledged to boycott the so-called Shomron/Samaria Film Fund. Shomron/Samaria is a term used to legitimize the apartheid state of Israel’s military occupation and colonization of the Palestinian West Bank.

On Saturday, September 10, groups around the world participated in the #BoycottPUMA Global Day of Action, calling on the German sportswear company to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

Supporting Israeli apartheid is a dirty business. It’s no surprise then that PUMA engages in the cynical and unethical practices of greenwashing and pinkwashing.

The UNGA general debate begins on Tuesday, September 20th. On Monday, September 19th we call for a global mobilization in solidarity with Palestinians oppressed everywhere by Israel’s brutal apartheid regime.