October 5, 2018 —  A Nobel Prize has been awarded to George P. Smith, a renowned scientist and longtime advocate for Palestinian rights who supports the BDS movement and has called for an end to US military aid to Israel. The BDS movement congratulates Professor Smith.

On the 13th of August 2018, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel sent a letter to Mr. Ralph Tarraf, the Head of the EU delegation in the West Bank and Gaza, among other EU officials, regarding the EU program “Israeli and Palestinian Young Leaders at the European Parliament”.

  We welcome Professor John Cheney-Lippold’s principled decision not to facilitate participation in study abroad programs in Israel by declining to write a letter of recommendation for a student.

We are writing from Palestinian environmental organizations and academic and professional unions to urge you to move the planned MedPine 6 conference at Hebrew University outside of Israel.

To: Bjørn Gulden, CEO of Puma Cc: Management and Supervisory Board members: Michael Lämmermann, Lars Sørensen, Jean-François Palus, Jean-Marc Duplaix, Béatrice Lazat, Thore Ohlsson, Bernd Illig and Martin Köppel   10 September 2018

En español We, the undersigned workers’, women's and farmers' associations, appeal to chefs to cancel their participation in Round Tables 2018, scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv from November 9-23. It is an attempt to whitewash Israel’s grave violations of Palestinian human rights.

September 13, 2018 — Today is the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, and life for Palestinians has only gotten worse. The Oslo “peace process” has served as cover for Israel to steal more Palestinian land, expel more Palestinians from their homes and commit war crimes against Palestinians without accountability. Israel has passed legislation formalizing its system of apartheid, using the law to systematically discriminate against  indigenous Palestinians and denying us our inherent rights.

September 12, 2018 — HelloAsso, a French company that provides online payment services, has rejected pressure by Israel lobby groups to shut down the accounts of two French groups which support the BDS movement for Palestinian human rights. HelloAsso will continue to provide services to both Association France Palestine Solidarity (AFPS) and BDS-France.

September 10, 2018 — Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing continues with the September 5 decision of the Israeli courts in favour of the imminent destruction of Khan al-Ahmar, the Palestinian Bedouin community located east of occupied Jerusalem. The steadfastness of the small community of 200 people in Khan al-Ahmar has become a symbol of our struggle against expulsion and dispossession.

Quotes from signatories of the Boycott Eurovision 2019 artists’ letter published in The Guardian: Australia

We, the undersigned artists from Europe and beyond, support the heartfelt appeal from Palestinian artists to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 hosted by Israel.

Welcoming the significant growth in recent years of progressive politics centred on social justice and internationalism in the UK, especially within the labour movement, we, Palestinian trade unions, mass organisations and networks, representing the majority in Palestinian civil society, call on the British Labour party, trade unions, city councils, universities and civil society at large to reject the IHRA’s false, anti-Palestinian definition of antisemitism.