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Today, on May 15th, we mark the 75th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe). During the Nakba, between 750,000 and 1,000,000 Indigenous Palestinians were driven out of their homes and ethnically cleansed at the hands of Zionist militias and, later, the Israeli army to establish the state of Israel as a Jewish supremacist settler-colony.

BNC Statement

January 28-30 - Call to Action to #EndEthnicCleansing

BNC Statement

The Palestinian BDS National Committee, (BNC), the broadest Palestinian civil society coalition stands firmly with the Salahiya family and all Palestinians facing forced displacement in Sheikh Jarrah, Ramadin and beyond. Forced displacement is a fundamental feature of apartheid.

BNC Statement

El Comité Nacional Palestino de BDS (BNC), la más amplia coalición de la sociedad civil palestina, apoya firmemente a la familia Salahiya y a todo el pueblo palestino que es víctima del desplazamiento forzoso en Sheikh Jarrah, Ramadin y otros lugares. 

January 19, 2022

Palestinian clubs call on FC Barcelona to cancel "friendly" match with racist club Beitar Jerusalem to be played just a few kilometers away from where Palestinians are resisting Israel's forced expulsions, home demolitions and violent repression in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem.    

Action Alert

Just a few kilometers away from where Palestinians are struggling in occupied East Jerusalem, Puma maintains its support for Israeli apartheid. Tell Puma: Supporting Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing is a very bad look!

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The EqualHealth Campaign Against Racism (CAR) expresses its complete condemnation of the most recent Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people.

In the News

Watching apartheid Israel’s bloody crushing of popular Palestinian protests in Sheikh Jarrah and occupied Jerusalem calls us to action. We have proven before our collective power in the form of #BDS. Here are 9 actions you can take to fight Israeli impunity and #SaveSheikhJarrah.