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Puma and Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah

Just a few kilometers away from where Palestinians are struggling in occupied East Jerusalem, Puma maintains its support for Israeli apartheid. Tell Puma: Supporting Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing is a very bad look!

Last week, Israeli bulldozers as well as  heavily armed Israeli police and soldiers stormed the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, in apartheid Israel’s latest round of Palestinian home demolitions.

In Silwan, just as in Sheikh Jarrah and across historic Palestine, Israel is carrying out a decades-long policy of gradual ethnic cleansing through settlement expansion. At the same time, it violently represses Palestinians trying to save their homes and livelihoods.

What does Puma have to do with this?

Just north of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah is an official Israel Football Association (IFA) pitch. The IFA includes a number of teams and pitches in illegal Israeli settlements that force Palestinian families from their homes. Puma is the IFA’s main sponsor. Not only that, just over 1 km away sits a swanky outlet of Puma’s exclusive distributor in Israel, Factory 54, built on occupied land in violation of international law.

When international companies like Puma lend their brand recognition as cover for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism, it allows Israel to continue its gradual ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Palestinians.

Tell Puma: Supporting Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing is a very bad look!  Tweet: Just KMs away from where Palestinians struggle to #SaveSilwan and #SaveSheikhJarrah from Israel's gradual ethnic cleansing, @Puma maintains its support for Israeli apartheid.</p>
<p>Until it stops, we choose #BoycottPuma, not #PumaFam.  

Puma knows what it is doing is wrong. Recently Puma was caught lying, again, to its own business partners and ambassadors. Puma falsely claimed it sponsors the Palestinian Football Association in an attempt to undermine the growing boycott campaign and allay justified concerns over Puma’s support for Israeli apartheid.

Tell Puma: Instead of more lies and damage control, stop supporting Israeli apartheid!  Tweet: Palestinians are struggling to #SaveSilwan and #SaveSheikhJarrah from Israel's gradual ethnic cleansing.</p>
<p>Instead of more lies & damage control, @Puma needs to end support for Israeli apartheid.</p>
<p>Choose #BoycottPuma, not #PumaFam.

Star athletes are speaking up for Palestinian rights in unprecedented numbers and teams from Asia to Europe are dropping Puma. It’s long past time for Puma to do the right thing and end its support for Israeli apartheid by dropping the Israel Football Association. 

Take action for the BDS movement’s 16th anniversary. Join the #BoycottPuma campaign. 


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