Following years of #BDS campaigns, Ben & Jerry's has announced it will end sales of its ice cream in Israel's illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land.We warmly welcome their decision but call on Ben & Jerry's to end all operations in apartheid Israel.


Unprecedented! This has become the most commonly used word in describing the outpouring of global solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation during the most recent Israeli terror unleashed on us in Gaza, Jerusalem, Lydda, Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, the Naqab and elsewhere. 

Letters signed by more than 200 Palestinian sports clubs call on three UEFA teams, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid and Inter Milan, to cancel their upcoming “friendly” matches in “apartheid Israel.”

An open letter from 207 Palestinian sports clubs to Atlético de Madrid and Inter Milan We, the undersigned Palestinian sports clubs, write to urge you to cancel your “friendly” match in apartheid Israel, scheduled to take place on the 8th of August 2021.

An open letter from 207 Palestinian sports clubs to FC Barcelona We, the undersigned Palestinian sports clubs, write to urge you to cancel your match against Beitar Jerusalem, scheduled to take place on the 4th of August 2021 at Teddy Stadium.

In the last year, recognition of Israel as an apartheid state has grown in an unprecedented way. This international recognition is the first step to #DismantleApartheid, and countries of the global south have a special role to play.

Last week, Israeli bulldozers as well as  heavily armed Israeli police and soldiers stormed the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, in apartheid Israel’s latest round of Palestinian home demolitions. In Silwan, just as in Sheikh Jarrah and across historic Palestine, Israel is carrying out a decades-long policy of gradual ethnic cleansing through settlement expansion. At the same time, it violently represses Palestinians trying to save their homes and livelihoods.

During Israel’s most recent round of violent attacks on Palestinians, athletes from around the world and across sports spoke up for Palestinians rights in unprecedented numbers.

Puma recently claimed that it has been the sponsor of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) “since March 2021.” However, on Monday, June 21, the PFA issued a statement saying that it “has not signed any [sponsorship] agreements with any party, despite receiving offers from a number of companies.”

Anthropologists of the Middle East have voted overwhelmingly to support the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In a special referendum held June 2-11 by the Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association, a boycott resolution passed 157 to 11, with 71% of the membership participating.