Companies with operations in conflict-affected areas are exposed to a higher risk of involvement in Human Rights violations. Conflict-affected areas are identified by the presence of armed conflict and widespread violence. Some of the worst Human Rights abuses involving business occur amid conflict over the control of territory or resources and where central Governmental control is weak or has broken down completely. We expect companies we invest to exercise extreme caution when operating in these areas so that their operations do not contribute to the conflict.

University of Manchester pull millions from companies complicit in Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people, following years of campaigning by students supported by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Manchester pulls its investment from, meaning it has no current holdings in companies included in the UN settlements database. Manchester also rids itself of CEMEX and Caterpillar shares, both long targeted by human rights campaigners.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Columbia University have both passed historic resolutions calling for divestment from Israel. Last week, the Illinois Student Government passed a resolution calling for the school to divest from transnational companies that contribute to the American and Israeli military, prisons, police forces, or ICE. The resolution was first brought to the student government in February, but was originally vetoed.

"The Palestinian BDS National Committee, the largest coalition in Palestinian society, stands unreservedly with the right of all nations to self-determination, a right which lies at the foundation of our advocacy for Palestinian rights under international law. We support the UN Security Council Resolution 690 (1991) which calls for 'the organization and the supervision ...

Take action and ask the UN to open an investigation

Over 270 organizations from more than 30 countries, including trade unions and businesses, have signed the pledge to boycott AXA over the last months due to its investment in Israeli apartheid.

AXA profits from harming Palestinian rights. Join thousands who are telling AXA's CEO Thomas Buberl to divest from Israeli apartheid! 

Homi K. Bhabha, the renowned scholar of postcolonial studies, has confirmed his withdrawal from a conference in Israel amid criticism of his acceptance of the invitation. Bhabha, a humanities professor at Harvard, had been scheduled to give the keynote address via Zoom at the annual conference of the Israeli Sociological Society (ISS) in February.

An incessant Israel lobby-backed attempt to censor and punish the American Studies Association over its support of an academic boycott of Israel has once again failed in court.

We, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions BDS movement to support equality and justice for Palestinians.

Chester F.C yesterday announced they are ditching their long term kit supplier amid a growing international campaign to #BoycottPuma. The sportswear manufacturer is rapidly becoming a toxic brand over its complicity with Israeli war crimes, and Chester F.C previously indicated – in response to thousands of messages received – that they would not renew their contract after this season. Chester FC had earlier cited “ethical working practices" among its selection criteria for sponsors.

Puma says it supports equality, but it’s actually helping to prolong Israel’s brutal dispossession of indigenous Palestinians. Puma supports football teams in Israel’s illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land and its exclusive licensee in Israel has branches in settlements.