Tell the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Norske Tog’s CEO: Rule CAF out for the provision for rolling stock!

Eminent international researchers are calling on an Australian historian to refuse a controversial Israeli award. In a highly unusual instance of global pressure, over 220 international and Australian academics have written an open letter to UNSW Laureate Professor of History, Alison Bashford, appealing to her to support the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions by rejecting the US$1million 2021 Dan David prize, which she is sharing with two other researchers.

Racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and inequality continue to grow around the world. In recent months, we have seen how people in the Global South and people of colour, political prisoners, unhoused people, migrants, and refugees, among many others, have suffered from the scourge of COVID19, which has further exacerbated their vulnerability.

Dear Joel and Ethan Coen:   We understand that you’re among this year’s winners of a $1mn Dan David prize, awarded jointly by the Dan David Foundation and Tel Aviv University.   We read that you’re likely to attend the award ceremony in Israel on May 15, in the company of Israeli president Shimon Peres.

Over 10,000 people and 250+ organisations, trade unions and businesses have signed the pledge to boycott AXA.

We welcome the International Criminal Court's decision affirming jurisdiction over the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Israel’s apartheid regime has killed over 3,600 Palestinians since the ICC started its preliminary examination of the situation in Palestine. Enough delay! #ICC4Israel

Call to reject the IHRA's 'working definition of antisemitism' To: Vice Chancellors, Members of Academic Senates, all other UK Academics and Students & Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP Secretary of State for Education RE: The IHRA ‘working definition of antisemitism’​ We, British Academics who are also Israeli citizens, strongly oppose the governmental imposition of the IHRA ‘working definition of antisemitism’ on Universities in England. We call on all academic senates to reject the IHRA document or, where adopted already, act to revoke it.​

Israeli apartheid knows no bounds, even denying vaccines to Palestinians during a pandemic in an act of medical apartheid, but neither does active solidarity with the Palestinian people.

HSBC confirmed that it has fully divested from Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems, which sells weapons to the Israeli military used in attacks on Palestinians.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. With your support, we can continue to raise the price of Israel’s apartheid and war crimes whether during the pandemic or after. The pandemic has exacerbated existing injustices in our world: prioritizing profit over people and military/security spending over social services, colonization, racial inequality, the trampling of workers’ rights, environmental degradation, and more.

Dima Khalidi, founder and director of Palestine Legal (US), started by explaining that Zionist repression is entrenched and focused on campus where students are most active on Palestine. One of the students’ demands across the US, related to Palestine and Black Lives Matter, is to get police off their campuses.There is a campaign at the University of California (UC), for instance, to pressure the university to cut ties with the Los Angeles police. UC is in fact aA clear example of how universities can be complicit in racism, police repression and theft of indigenous lands.