As Israel moves closer to formally annex parts of the occupied West Bank, solidarity in the Global South has been uniting in resistance. A collective Global South Response, a common statement from Africa, Asia and Latin America, is gaining force in response to the Palestinian civil society call upon the international community to impose effective counter measures against Israel, including targeted sanctions, ending trade ties and legal action.

Global Uprising: Black and Indigenous Resistance Against Racism and Settler Colonialism Building community, from Black America to Polynesia, First Nations and Palestine The current uprising against state violence and white supremacy sparked by George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis has inspired a global revolt against systems of oppression and forced a historic reckoning with racism, traversing sports, culture, academia and corporate boardrooms.

In a recent message, Antonio Neri, the CEO of HP Enterprises rightly pointed out that, “As a global company, we have the responsibility to help shape a world that is equal for all people. Our shared beliefs include a commitment to unconditional inclusion.” This came in the wake of the protests for racial justice that have swept across the US following the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police forces.

In recent weeks, the world has demonstrated its solidarity with people in the United States of America (USA) who are expressing their outrage at systemic racism and the brutal killing of black people by the police in the USA. The rallying call ‘Black Lives Matter’ has drawn hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets across the world in the midst of a pandemic in which people are supposed to be physically distancing. As a result of this mass mobilisation, a tipping point in the struggle for equality in the USA has been reached.

British model and actress Cara Delevingne is known for using her platform to advocate for justice and equality for all. She is an advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights and gender justice. She has condemned institutionalized racism, joining Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles this month and echoing calls to #DefundPolice.

In a new video released today, seventeen leading racial justice activists, environmentalists, trade unionists, feminists, artists and academics from around the world call for solidarity in order to build a more just and dignified world, and defeat the racism and other injustices exposed by COVID-19.  

Fifteen years after its launch on 9 July 2005, the BDS movement for Palestinian rights enters a new era. It is more urgent than ever as Israel intensifies its gradual ethnic cleansing of the Indigenous Palestinians, choking us in ever shrinking Bantustans.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the broadest coalition in Palestinian society, stands firmly with all those calling for an ultimate ban on facial recognition technology. In the meanwhile, we reiterate our call for boycotting Israeli facial recognition company AnyVision because of its particular involvement in crimes against Palestinians. 

On #Juneteenth, we stand in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives in honoring Black freedom and resistance, and demanding justice, accountability, divestment from policing, and investment in healthy, sustainable communities #BlackLivesMatter #DefendBlackLife #DefundPolice We can’t breathe until we’re free! Commemorating Juneteenth, Palestinians stand resolutely in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters across the US and everywhere in their ongoing pursuit of real freedom, justice and equality.

During its June 13 annual general meeting (AGM), held online, the Basque transport company Compañía Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) faced protests online and on the street outside the company’s Beasain office, along with shareholder criticism, all demanding that CAF immediately end its involvement in Israel’s war crimes.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition in Palestinian society, commends tens of UN experts for their courage in speaking truths that States and international organizations representing them, including the UN and EU, have sought to evade and suppress.

ECHR rules unanimously that French highest court’s criminal conviction of Israel boycott advocates violates the European Convention on Human Rights’ freedom of expression article.