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Puma is devoted to universal equality and apartheid. Wait…what!?

Take action to tell Puma: You can’t be devoted to "universal equality" while supporting Israel's apartheid regime.

Today, June 15, groups in more than 20 countries are joining the #BoycottPuma International Day of Action. Palestinian sports teams are calling for a boycott of Puma over its support for Israel’s illegal land grabs.

Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association, which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

You’re not going to believe Puma’s response. As thousands of you pledged to boycott Puma, the company responded by claiming a “devotion to universal equality.” Wait…what?!

Tell Puma: You can’t support universal equality AND apartheid Tweet: In response to pledges to #BoycottPuma over its support for Israel's illegal land grabs, @Puma claims a 'devotion to universal equality.'</p>
<p>I'm boycotting Puma until it promotes true equality, not Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

This month marks 52 years of Israel’s brutal military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Puma is helping to whitewash Israel’s apartheid walls, military checkpoints, segregated Israeli-only roads and ever expanding illegal Israeli settlements that force Palestinian families off their land and prevent Palestinian athletes from practicing sports.

Today, as groups from New Zealand to Malaysia, across Europe, to North and South America take action at Puma shops and offices, let’s take to social media to call out Puma’s hypocrisy.  

Take action:

Palestinians, like many peoples and communities across the world, are struggling to attain the fundamental right of equality. Puma should make a sincere effort to support that right rather than exploit it to deflect criticism as it profits from Israel’s apartheid regime.


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