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Action Alert

Join social media actions and organize a #BoycottPuma campaign to urge the global sportswear manufacturer to end its support for Israel’s illegal settlements pushing Palestinian families off their land.

Action Alert

Join our social media action to tell Puma it can’t promote “universal equality” while sponsoring teams in illegal Israeli settlements that push Palestinian families off their land.

Open Letter

Palestinian football clubs and sports associations urge Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association due to inclusion of teams based in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

PACBI Statement

بعد حملة عالمية، شركة "أديداس" (Adidas) لم تعد الراعي التجاري لاتحاد كرة القدم الإسرائيلي المتورط في الانتهاكات الجسمية للحقوق الفلسطينية. والحملة الفلسطينية للمقاطعة الأكاديمية والثقافية لإسرائيل تدعو شركة "بوما" (PUMA)، التي حلّت محلها، بوقف تورطها حالاً!


Following a global campaign, Adidas is no longer sponsoring football teams in illegal Israeli settlements. Palestinians call on new sponsor Puma to end complicity with Israel's violations of international law.