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Global sportswear manufacturer Puma is involved in violations of international law and human rights. Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in Israel’s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

In addition, Puma’s current and past exclusive licensees in Israel have operations in illegal Israeli settlements.

Israel’s military occupation expels Palestinian families, including children, from their homes to give way for these settlements. Israeli settlements are considered war crimes under international law.

More than 200 Palestinian sports clubs have called on Puma to end the sponsorship deal and stop supporting Israel’s illegal land grabs.

Puma markets itself as a company that cares about equality yet it funds the apartheid the IFA helps sustain.

In July 2018 it was announced that Adidas was no longer sponsoring the IFA following an international campaign and the delivery of over 16,000 signatures to Adidas headquarters.

We can do this again. Join Palestinian athletes calling for a boycott of Puma until it ends its support for Israel’s illegal land grabs.



As one of the world’s top athletic apparel makers and the only international sponsor of the Israel Football Association, Puma’s sponsorship brings international legitimacy to the IFA’s actions. The IFA, as documented by Human Rights Watch, includes football clubs based in illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Puma’s current and past exclusive licensees in Israel have operations in illegal Israeli settlements.

Israeli settlements are illegal land grabs that form an integral part of Israel’s occupation infrastructure pushing indigenous Palestinian families off their land, robbing Palestinians of natural resources and denying Palestinians their right of movement.

Puma’s sponsorship of the IFA helps keep its direct involvement in violations of human rights and international law off the field, allowing Israel’s settlement regime to continue and expand.

The IFA has refused to take measures to end its complicity, despite being repeatedly condemned by UN advisorsdozens of elected officialscivil society and human rights groups representing millions and public figures.

In an attempt to deflect criticism, Puma responded to the campaign claiming a "devotion to universal equality."  It’s time for Puma to abide by its stated commitment to human rights and end all activity in illegal Israeli settlements.

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The Israel Football Association includes six Israeli football clubs located in Israel’s illegal settlements built on Palestinian land occupied by the Israeli military. Israel’s settlements contribute to serious human rights abuses and are a direct cause for restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement, access to natural resources and ability to build homes and conduct business.

UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016) reconfirmed the illegality of Israeli settlements, denouncing them as “flagrant violations” of international law.

Together with Israel’s illegal wall, military checkpoints and Jewish-only roads, the settlements form part Israel’s occupation and apartheid infrastructure that systematically obstruct every aspect of Palestinian life, including the practice of sports.

Puma is the IFA’s only international sponsor. Puma’s global brand recognition gives legitimacy and international cover to Israel's illegal settlements and its continuing violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.  

Puma’s own assessment of its track record on human rights identified “sponsorship activities” as one of its “weak spots.”

Israel uses sports to prop up its failing image and normalize its war crimes and egregious human rights violations against Palestinians.

Palestinian athletes are regularly prevented from training and participating in competitions, at home and abroad.

Israel has bombed and destroyed Palestinian stadiums and sports structures and routinely denied freedom of movement to Palestinian athletes. It has imprisoned and shot Palestinian athletes, and killed Palestinian children playing football, more than once.

In 2018 alone, Israeli snipers ended the careers of dozens of Palestinian athletes in Gaza, firing on peaceful protesters participating in demonstrations for an end to Israel’s siege and their UN-sanctioned right of return. A UN Commission of Inquiry found that Israeli soldiers intentionally targeted Palestinians participating in the demonstrations, actions amounting to war crimes.

The IFA has lobbied FIFA continuously against accountability for Israel’s assault on Palestinian sports working hand-in-hand with the Israeli government to block Palestinian accountability measures. The IFA is complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestinian sport.

Puma’s exclusive licensee in Israel is Al Srad Ltd., part of the Irani Corporation, whose Factory 54 clothing chain has an outlet in the “no man’s land” surrounding occupied East Jerusalem. The “no man’s land” is considered to be occupied territory under international law and is part of Israel’s illegal settlement-annexation enterprise.

Puma’s previous exclusive licensee in Israel (through 2020) was Delta Galil Industries, which also has branches in illegal Israeli settlements.



Palestinian sports associations and athletes have called on Puma to end its sponsorship deal with the Israel Football Association.


Sports Teams Drop Puma, Pledge Not To Join #PumaFam

Qatar Sports Club has confrmed it will not renew with Puma. Malaysia’s largest university has ended a sponsorship deal with global sportswear brand Puma for its football team. The university confirmed that the contract was not renewed due to Puma’s involvement in Israel’s human rights abuses. Following tens of thousands of messages to UK football clubs, Luton Town FC dropped Puma, Forest Green Rovers FC pledged not to sign with Puma, stating Palestine represents "greatest injustice," Chester FC decided not to renew with Puma, citing “ethical working practices" among its criteria, and Liverpool FC, which was in talks with Puma, opted for another sponsor.

Puma Says Campaign Is "Making Their Lives Miserable"

In a chance encounter, a Puma attorney admitted to a Palestinian rights supporter that the principled calls from human rights groups and sports associations to end its support for illegal Israeli settlements is making their lives "miserable."

Former Barcelona Player Oleguer Presas Supports the Campaign.

Oleguer Presas, former player for Barcelona FC stands with Palestinian teams and athletes urging Puma to end support for illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Donegal Celtic Football Club Supports the campaign

Belfast football club Donegal Celtic supports the call from Palestinian athletes urging Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association over its inclusion of teams in illegal Israeli settlements.

50 Actions Across the World for 2nd #BoycottPuma Global Day of Action

The Second Global #BoycottPuma Day of Action saw more than 50 actions in 20 countries across the world. Protests were held at Puma shops and offices and at matches of Puma-sponsored teams. Sports clubs stood in solidarity with the call to boycott Puma by more than 200 Palestinian sports teams.

Italian Popular Sports Teams Support the #BoycottPuma Campaign

In Italy, 14 amateur rugby teams support the campaign, football teams, an antiracist football tournament and amateur basketball teams support the call to boycott Puma until it ends support for Israel's illegal settlements pushing Palestinian families off their lands.

Actions in 20+ countries in support of the call from Palestinian athletes to #BoycottPuma

Supporters of Palestinian human rights and fair play in sports from more than 20 countries across the world responded to the call from Palestinian teams and athletes to boycott global sports manufacturer Puma.

Hypocrisy of Puma’s #Reform campaign denounced

Over 1100 tweets subvert the launch of Puma’s #Reform campaign, denouncing Puma’s hypocrisy in promoting “universal equality” and “social justice reform” while sponsoring teams in illegal Israeli settlements that push Palestinian families off their land.

Palestinian Athletes Launch #BoycottPuma

Palestinian sports figures launch call for boycott of Puma, including Palestinian Women’s National Football Team player Aya Khattab, marathon runner Mohammad Alqadi and the Islami Ramallah Men’s Football Team.
Palestinian Football Clubs Urge Puma to End IFA Sponsorship

Palestinian Athletic Clubs Call on Puma to End Sponsorship of Israeli Settlement Teams

More than 200 Palestinian football clubs and sport associations sign a letter calling on Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association due to inclusion of teams based in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Adidas No Longer Sponsoring the IFA

In July 2018 it was announced that Adidas was no longer sponsoring the IFA following an international campaign and the delivery of over 16,000 signatures to Adidas headquarters, setting a precedent for the campaign.

Take Action

Puma banks on its brand image. Grassroots campaigning and boycott actions can put pressure on the company to end its involvement in Israel’s violations of international law. Involve local sports associations in your campaign.

Spread the Word

Palestinian sports clubs and athletes are calling for a boycott of Puma until it ends its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association, which includes teams in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Help us spread the word!

Sign SumOfUs Petition

Join more than 120,000 people who have signed the petition by global advocacy organization SumOfUs urging PUMA to end its support for Israeli apartheid. 

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Take the #BoycottPuma Pledge

Let Puma know you will respect the call from Palestinian athletes to #BoycottPuma until it ends support for illegal Israeli settlements pushing Palestinians off their land.

Take the Pledge

Organize a protest at Puma offices

Deliver the letter from Palestinian clubs to Puma offices.

Puma has offices in Germany, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, the US, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong.

Organize a creative action at a Puma shop

Get creative. Organize a mock football match or sporting event at a Puma shop.

Use Puma’s store locator to find Puma branded shops in your city.

Engage the sports world to support the campaign

Ask fan clubs, sports associations, popular teams, anti-racist tournaments and sports figures to show their support for the campaign with a photo or social media post with the hashtag #BoycottPuma. Ask them to support the Palestinian call by pledging not to use Puma equipment.

Organize a talk or workshop

Involve local sports associations in a workshop or public talk on Israel’s attacks on Palestinian sports and the Puma boycott campaign. Get in touch for possible speakers:

Campaign for Divestment

Investigate whether your pension fund, bank or any other institution you are a member of is an investor in Puma and ask them to divest. Get in touch for help on this:

Monitor Puma sponsored events

Monitor this list of Puma twitter accounts for information on public events. Urge organizers to refuse Puma sponsorship. If they fail to do so, organize a creative protest at the event.

Call on Puma-sponsored teams to #BootPuma

Puma sponsors teams, leagues, athletes and artists. Check to see if local teams are sponsored by Puma and urge them to drop Puma. Call on local athletes sponsored by Puma to use their influence to convince Puma to end its sponsorship deal with the IFA. Follow #PumaFam for news on new sponsorship deals. Get in touch for sample approach letters: