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Puma Says #BoycottPuma Campaign Is "Making Their Lives Miserable"

Take action to tell Puma to stop profiting from illegal Israeli settlements making the lives of Palestinian families miserable.

A Palestinian rights supporter recently had a chance encounter with a Puma attorney, who said, “You’re making our lives miserable.”

That’s right. Puma says that principled calls from human rights groups and sports associations to end its support for illegal Israeli settlements driving Palestinian families off their land are making their lives miserable.

Israel’s illegal settlements and associated occupation infrastructure rob Palestinians of land, divide Palestinian communities and deny Palestinians their right to freedom of movement.

Tell Puma: Stop profiting from illegal Israeli settlements making Palestinian lives miserable.

Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements. Puma’s exclusive licensee in Israel, Delta, is listed in the UN database of complicit settlement companies

Puma’s internationally recognized brand gives legitimacy to Israel’s brutal military occupation, allowing Israel to continue to expand its illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land with impunity.

Puma does have reason to feel miserable.

Malaysia’s largest university dropped Puma as sponsor of their football team in response to the call from 200+ Palestinian teams to #BoycottPuma. UK football club Chester FC decided not to renew with Puma, citing “ethical working practices" among its criteria. Liverpool FC, which was in talks with Puma, also opted for another sponsor.

Two successful global #BoycottPuma days of action saw protests in more than 20 countries and the #BoycottPuma hashtag has generated millions of impressions.

Tell Puma: Don’t be miserable. End support for illegal Israeli settlements.

Puma is worried. Associating its brand with Israel’s apartheid regime that denies basic human rights to millions of Palestinians is damaging its most valuable asset: its image. Let’s help convince Puma to do the right thing and end support for Israel’s military occupation.

And join the Third Global #BoycottPuma Day of Action, April 25.

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