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Palestinian Athletes say... Boycott Puma! No Fair Play on Stolen Palestinian Land

Join social media actions and organize a #BoycottPuma campaign to urge the global sportswear manufacturer to end its support for Israel’s illegal settlements pushing Palestinian families off their land.

Pressure is mounting on Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA). The IFA includes clubs in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. More than 200 Palestinian sports clubs have sent a letter urging Puma to end the sponsorship deal.

Just last week, more than 1000 tweets urged Puma to make ending its support for illegal Israeli land grabs a priority for its newly launched #REFORM campaign for social justice.

We know Puma executives are listening. Let’s step up the pressure and convince Puma to take a leap for Palestinian rights.

Today, together with Palestinian athletes, we are launching a boycott of Puma until it ends its complicity in sports-washing Israel’s war crimes and human rights violations.

Join social media actions and start organizing a #BoycottPuma campaign in your area!

Why Boycott Puma?

Puma is sponsoring the Israel Football Association (IFA), which welcomes football clubs based in illegal Israeli settlements to participate in its leagues and competitions. The Israeli military occupation expels Palestinian families, including children, from their homes to give way for these settlements. Israeli settlements are considered as war crimes under international law.

Last July it was announced that Adidas was no longer sponsoring the IFA following an international campaign and the delivery of over 16,000 signatures to Adidas headquarters.

We can do this again.

Join the #BoycottPuma social media actions and spread the boycott call!

Palestinian athletes and sports clubs have already kick-started the #BoycottPuma campaign! 

Follow their inspiration!

  1. Print a boycott Puma sign, see below
  2. Take a photo of yourself or your group holding the sign
  3. Post the photo on social media using the hashtag #BoycottPuma

Organize a Boycott Puma campaign in your area

There are many ways to engage in a boycott Puma campaign. You can organize a consumer boycott of Puma sports gear, promote divestment from the company (selling off its shares by socially responsible investment and pension funds), and campaign for an end to sponsorship deals with the company. Contact us for more information on how to start a Boycott Puma campaign.

Join the Palestinian call to boycott Puma! Together, we can ensure Puma takes a leap for Palestinian rights!

Boycott Puma until it ends support for illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land


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