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Black Friday: Boycott Genocide Enablers

HP, PUMA, and Marvel support or provide cover for Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid. They are enabling Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinians in Gaza. Take action for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to tell them you won’t buy into Genocide.

HP. PUMA. Marvel.

These companies already support or provide cover for Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid, making them complicit in its war crimes.

Now, they are enabling Israel’s genocidal war that has killed at least 13,000 Palestinians in Gaza, including 5,500 children, and its ongoing military and settler attacks across all of historic Palestine.

Israel may now pause its bombing, but it has vowed to resume it. 

These companies provide support to Israel’s military and its illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land or glorify settler-colonial violence against Indigenous Palestinians.

We need your urgent help to pressure these companies to end their complicity in Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. It is literally a matter of life and death.

Take action now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t Buy into Genocide.

Boycott HP

HP Inc serves the offices of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister Bezalel Smotrich, leading the genocide in Gaza. HP Enterprise serves Israel’s police, which carries out war crimes and represses Palestinians, as well as prisons where Palestinian political prisoners and child prisoners are often tortured and kept in inhumane conditions. It also provides exclusive servers for Israel’s racially segregated ID system, the backbone of its apartheid.

#BoycottHP to end tech complicity with Israel’s genocide and apartheid 

Boycott PUMA

PUMA is deeply complicit in Israel’s military occupation. As Israel continues its incessant carpet bombing of Palestinians in Gaza, Israeli soldiers and armed settlers are attacking and killing Palestinians and ethnically cleansing Palestinian communities across the occupied West Bank. PUMA sponsors the Israel Football Association, which governs and advocates for maintaining teams in illegal Israel settlements.

Let PUMA know you won’t buy into genocide

Boycott Marvel

Marvel’s next Captain America film features Sabra/Ruth Bat-Seraph, a “superhero” personifying apartheid Israel. The character’s backstory includes working for the genocidal Israeli government and its occupation forces. By reviving this racist character in any form, Marvel is promoting Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. It is complicit in anti-Palestinian racism, Israeli propaganda, and glorifying settler-colonial violence.

Tell Marvel you won’t buy its toys, clothes or accessories

Genocide is the gravest crime under international law. Companies enabling it must pay a price until they end complicity in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. Take action now against these companies and others profiting from genocide.


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