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Urge Lewis Hamilton To Help Convince Puma To End Support for Israeli Apartheid

November 10, 2020
Take two quick actions to thank Lewis Hamilton for his stand against racism and to urge him to take that stand to Puma over its support for Israeli apartheid that South Africans say is worse than what they endured.

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Lewis Hamilton, Formula One's first and only Black driver, is shattering records and fighting against racism on and off the race track.

He recently said, “We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and raise awareness of the tragedies happening in the world around us and take action where we can”.

Let's take this opportunity to do just that!

Lewis Hamilton's sponsor Puma supports Israeli apartheid that South Africans say is worse than what they endured.

Take two quick actions to thank Lewis Hamilton for his righteous stand against racism and ask him to take that stand to Puma.  


 Complete the form on the right to send an email to Lewis Hamilton urging him to join us in convincing Puma to end support for Israeli apartheid oppressing millions of Palestinians.  

 Let Lewis Hamilton know that South Africans say Israel's apartheid regime, which Puma supports, is worse than what they endured. Tweet: Thank you @LewisHamilton for your righteous stand against racism!</p>
<p>Please take that stand to @Puma & the #PumaFam. Help convince Puma to end support for Israeli apartheid.</p>
<p>South Africans say it's worse that what they endured.

Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land in violation of international law. 

Illegal Israeli settlements are violent land grabs that force Palestinian families from their homes, rob Palestinians of their livelihoods, create obstacles to access clean water and healthcare, and hinder their ability to practice sports.

As the Palestinian Speed Sisters, the Middle East’s first all-women professional race car driving team, have said, “No matter which direction we drive in the occupied Palestinian territory, we run up against Israel’s military road blocks, separation wall, and segregated Israeli-only roads and settlements”.

Urge Lewis Hamilton to use his enormous influence over Puma to help convince Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association as long as it is complicit in violations of Palestinian rights.

Urge Lewis Hamilton to help ensure that another generation of Palestinians won’t grow up under the oppression of Israeli apartheid.

Urge Lewis Hamilton to take his righteous stand against racism to Puma

Write to Lewis Hamilton


November 10, 2020


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