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FC Barcelona canceled! Urge Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan not to play in apartheid Israel

FC Barcelona conditioned the match on not playing in Jerusalem. Beitar refused, confirming this really was all about politics. The Barcelona match is off. Let’s urge Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan to cancel their match!

Atlético Inter e action mailer

The match is off! The “friendly” match between FC Barcelona and racist Israeli club Beitar Jerusalem will not happen. 

FC Barcelona conditioned the match on it not being played in Jerusalem, where Israel continues its gradual ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Palestinian communities.

Beitar Jerusalem refused. Turns out, it really was just about politics and reinforcing Israel's illegal claim of sovereignty over Jerusalem.   

FC Barcelona has experienced Israel’s sports-washing first-hand. 

All the more reason FC Barcelona must now cancel all its sports-washing events in apartheid Israel, including Barça The Exhibition and the Clásico “peace” match. 

Tweet: Thank you @FCBarcelona for listening to Palestinian teams and refusing Israel’s sports-washing and illegal claims on Jerusalem.</p>
<p>But Israeli apartheid isn’t limited to Jerusalem.</p>
<p>Cancel Barça The Exhibition & Clásico “peace” match in apartheid Tel Aviv. Thank FC Barcelona for its stand, and urge the club to cancel all sports-washing events in apartheid Israel.

Two other teams, Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan have a “friendly” match scheduled in apartheid Israel on August 8. 

Pressure worked on Barcelona. We can stop this match, too.

More than 200 Palestinian sports teams wrote to the European clubs, including Balata FC, whose promising young player, 16-year-old Said Odeh, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in early May.

Now it's your turn to take action:

1. Email Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan

Use the form (to the right or below) to send a message to the clubs' management, players and coaches. They need to hear from us.  

2. Take action on social media to reach the players

Tweet: In May, Israeli soldiers killed Palestinian footballer Said Odeh, age 16.</p>
<p>I join his team, Balata FC, and 200 other Palestinian teams urging @atleti and @Inter to cancel “friendly” match in apartheid Israel. #NothingFriendly</p>
<p> Tweet to Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan players

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The Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan match is being organized by a Canadian Israeli billionaire who works hand in hand with the Israeli government to use sports to conceal Israeli apartheid.

This is sports-washing. Take action now to stop it.

Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan

Don’t sports-wash Israeli apartheid



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