Boycott PUMA Campaign Timeline

Together, we have caused PUMA to lose millions in important sports contracts, exposed PUMA’s lies and spread our call for justice with millions worldwide. We won’t stop until PUMA finally ends its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

In less than four years, more than 100,000 have joined the global #BoycottPuma campaign, calling on PUMA to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid oppressing millions of Palestinians. Together, we have caused PUMA to lose millions in important sports contracts, exposed PUMA’s lies and spread our call for justice with millions worldwide. We won’t stop until PUMA finally ends its complicity.

Check out some of the key impacts and milestones of our campaign.

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September 2018 – More than 200 Palestinian sports clubs call on PUMA to end sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which governs and advocates on behalf of clubs based in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

June 2019 –  Over 20 cities across the world join Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action. On social media, #BoycottPUMA was the most used hashtag related to PUMA, with over 7 million impressions.

June 201914 Italian men’s and women’s amateur rugby teams show their support for the Boycott PUMA campaign.

June 2019 - Former Barcelona football player Oleguer Presas calls on PUMA to end its support for Israel's military occupation.

October 2019 Donegal Celtic Football Club in Belfast stands in support of Palestinian teams calling to Boycott PUMA.

October 2019 50 cities around the world join the second Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action. #BoycottPUMA was again the most tweeted PUMA-associated hashtag and with 16 million Twitter impressions.

February 2020 – UK-based Chester FC chooses not to renew its kit deal with PUMA, after saying as much to campaigners following thousands of messages received. Chester FC had earlier cited “ethical working practices" among its selection criteria for sponsors. The #BoycottPUMA hashtag generated over a million Twitter impressions during a Chester FC match.

February 2020 – Malaysia’s largest university, UiTM, drops PUMA as sponsor of its football team in response to the call to boycott PUMA from more than 200 Palestinian sports teams.

February 2020 – A PUMA lawyer tells a Palestinian rights supporter that the Boycott PUMA campaign is making our lives miserable.”

April 2020 – The third Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action goes online under COVID restrictions ahead of the PUMA shareholders meeting, with 12 million social media impressions, thousands of emails to PUMA headquarters and a phone jam to PUMA customer service.

May 2020 Forest Green Rovers FC (UK) pledges not to sign with PUMA as long as the company is complicit in Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights. The chair of the club said the situation in Palestine is "the greatest injustice of my lifetime."

July 2020 Luton Town FC drops PUMA after engaging with Luton Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

December 2020 – The fourth Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action urges holiday shoppers not to gift PUMA products and hundreds of phone calls jam PUMA customer service.

January 2021 PUMA practically stops using its own #PumaFam hashtag as the growing boycott campaign successfully associates it with calls on the company to end support for Israeli apartheid.

January 2021 – PUMA attempts to unload some of its complicity in Israeli apartheid by dumping its exclusive licensee in Israel, Delta Galil, which is listed in the UN database on illegal settlement companies. However, PUMA’s new licensee Al Srad Ltd. is also complicit, with a Factory 54 clothing outlet illegally operating in the occupied “no man’s land” surrounding occupied East Jerusalem.

March 2021 – For International Women’s day, #SheBoycotts takes over PUMA’s #SheMovesUs campaign, with Palestinian and international women athletes calling to boycott PUMA.

March 2021 – PUMA responds to supporters of the boycott campaign falsely claiming it doesn’t support teams in illegal settlements, while its logo is directly under an official map of settlement teams and pitches on the Israel Football Association’s website.

May 2021 – Retired Irish rugby player Duncan Casey calls on PUMA to end support for Israeli apartheid as PUMA’s #OnlySeeGreat campaign is taken over by #OnlySeeApartheid ahead of its shareholders meeting.

May 2021 – French football club FC Ménilmontant joins the Boycott PUMA campaign.

May 2021 – During PUMA’s shareholders meeting, Israeli soldiers shoot and kill 16-year-old Palestinian Saeed Odeh, a player for Balata FC, one of the 200 Palestinian clubs urging PUMA to end support for Israeli apartheid.

June 2021 - Qatar Sports Club pledges not to renew its sponsorship deal with PUMA amid the growing boycott campaign.

June 2021 – In a clumsy attempt to counter the growing boycott campaign, PUMA makes the demonstrably false claim of also sponsoring the Palestinian Football Association (PFA). The PFA issues a statement exposing PUMA’s lies.

June 2021 – In a leaked internal memo, PUMA admits to “an increase in the number of requests from our business partners and ambassadors” over PUMA’s support for Israeli apartheid in the wake of Israel’s escalation of violent attacks on Palestinians in May 2021, especially in occupied Jerusalem and besieged Gaza.

July 2021 – PUMA not only accepts to meet with Global Advocacy organization SumOfUs about its complicity in Israeli apartheid, but the CEO joins the meeting, demonstrating just how nervous PUMA is about the boycott campaign.

July 2021 – Fan-owned football club Clapton CFC joins the Boycott PUMA campaign and declares itself an Apartheid Free Zone.

September 2021 – The Porcomunas fan club of top Brazilian football team Palmeiras joins the campaign and calls on Palmeiras to drop PUMA sponsorship.

September 2021 – Palestinian and international athletes on four continents say “Boycott PUMA. Pass the word.”

September 2021 – The fifth Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action sees actions in 50 cities on six continents and a whopping 20 million impressions on Twitter.

November 2021 – Over 120,000 signatures on the SumOfUs petition urging PUMA to “stop supporting the Israeli apartheid regime’s oppression of Palestinian people” are delivered to PUMA offices in Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America.

February 2022 50 cities across the world join sixth Global Boycott PUMA Day of Action and thousands share with PUMA executives Amnesty International’s report on Israeli apartheid, including businesses’ responsibility to “ensure that they do not contribute to or benefit from the system of apartheid.”

March 2022 – At the Palestine Marathon, runners call to boycott PUMA over its support for Israeli apartheid.

April 2022 – Palestinian rights supporters call hypocrisy on PUMA, as it moves to immediately sanction Russia over its then weeks-old illegal aggression against Ukraine, while maintaining support for Israel’s decades-old system of apartheid.

April 2022 – At concerts in Manchester and Dublin, Dua Lipa fans urge the global star and PUMA ambassador to help convince PUMA to end support for Israeli apartheid.

May 2022 – For the second year in a row, Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian footballer, 18-year-old Thaer Yazouri, on the same day as PUMA shareholders gather to talk profits.

May 2022 - AFC Wimbledon chooses not to renew its kit deal with PUMA following more than 2,000 email messages calling on the club to end its contract with PUMA over its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association. 


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