Palestinians to Maroon 5: Don’t artwash apartheid Tel Aviv

The US group is due to perform on the ruins of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village


Palestinians to Maroon 5: Don’t artwash apartheid Tel Aviv

The park where the show is due to take place is built over the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Jarisha, depopulated within living memory, almost 74 years ago.

Amnesty International recently joined other leading human rights organizations – including Human Rights Watch and Israel’s B’Tselem – reporting in detail that Israel is an apartheid state, as Palestinians, South Africans, legal scholars and progressive Israelis have long argued. Amnesty said Israel treats Palestinians everywhere as “an inferior racial group.”

Last May alone – as Israeli occupation forces massacred more than 250 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip – thousands of international artists, including hundreds of musicians, endorsed our peaceful calls for ending complicity with Israel’s apartheid cultural sector.

As the growing international network Musicians for Palestine wrote last year, in support of the Palestinian call to refuse to perform in apartheid Tel Aviv: “silence is not an option”.

We urge Maroon 5 to respect the Palestinian picket line and refuse to artwash Israel’s decades-old regime of oppression, just as progressive artists once refused to play Sun City in protest against apartheid in South Africa.


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