Updates from the palestinian BDS (USA)

Open Letter

Since 2004, Palestinian civil society has called for the cultural boycott of Israel, inspired in part by the international solidarity that helped to end apartheid in South Africa.


Burning Man’s values of ‘radical inclusion’ cannot be met by a festival that effectively promotes Trump’s apartheid plan to annex Palestinian land. [Photo: Trey Ratcliff]

PACBI Statement

More than 150,000 people, hundreds of artists and over 100 LGBT+ organizations joined our calls to boycott Eurovision 2019

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McCarthy era anti-Communist loyalty tests have been relegated to the dustbin of history. The same must apply to government requests that employees certify they're not engaged in a boycott of Israel.

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Bill S720 seeks to prohibit any U.S. person from supporting the United Nations call to boycott companies that support Israeli activities in the territories it occupied in the 1967 war.

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The Democratic Socialists of America, which gathered this weekend in Chicago for its biennial convention, passed a resolution on Saturday to endorse the BDS movement. The vote in favor was so overwhelming,  more than 90 percent supported the resolution. It marked the first time in the group’s 35-year history that it has taken a position on the issue.

In the News

The Democratic Socialists of America passed a resolution to endorse the BDS movement. The vote in favor was overwhelming.