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Argentinian star Fito Páez isn't playing apartheid Israel

The Grammy- and Latin Grammy-winning star had announced he would perform in apartheid Israel

Cultural and solidarity movements supporting the Palestinian call for the cultural boycott of Israel in Argentina celebrate that Fito Páez no longer goes to Israel on his tour "El Amor 30 años Después del Love Tour". Fito's production has stated that there are no dates for Israel, despite the fact that the country was mentioned in the first communications about the tour.

When he announced his visit to Israel earlier this year, the singer, who is one of the biggest names in Argentine music, received appeals from a range of boycott Israel and solidarity movements from Palestine, which lives under apartheid imposed by that country. The action was coordinated by the Argentine Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which brings together unions and civil and Human Right organizations from all over the country.

In a statement in which they celebrate that no concert has been organized in Israel, the movements declare that "once again, Fito has shown himself to be on the side of those who defend human rights and those who oppose Apartheid against Palestinian women and the Palestinians." The movements also value very positively the singer's attitude of having "listened to the call for a cultural and artistic boycott."

Thousands of artists, including hundreds of Latin American artists, have pledged not to perform or appear at Israeli cultural institutions that are complicit in apartheid. 

Read in full:

“We celebrate that the much-announced show that Fito Paez was going to give in Israel has not taken place. Once again Fito proved to be on the side of those who defend Human Rights and those who oppose Apartheid against Palestinians.

BDS is a civil, non-violent movement inspired by the successful campaigns to end the apartheid regime in South Africa. As representatives of this Fito movement, we greatly appreciate that you have listened to the call for a cultural and artistic boycott. You are in the heart of the Palestinian people, as is Natalia Oreiro, and many and many artists in the world.”



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