Artists’ pledges for Palestinian rights

Thousands of artists worldwide have publicly endorsed the cultural boycott of Israel. Find a pledge near you or in your field.

The Palestinian call for the cultural boycott of Israel was initiated in 2004 and today is publicly supported by thousands of artists around the world.

Find a pledge near you, or in your field!

Can’t find an active pledge relevant to you, but want to get involved? Please contact PACBI to discuss!


Artists for Palestine UK (1,500+ signatories)

Belgian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (200 signatories)

Finland Against Apartheid (400+ signatories)

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (1,500+ signatories)

Portuguese photographers (40+ signatories) 

Latin America

Latin American artists for Palestine (500+ signatories)


Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (200+ signatories)

North America

Amplify Palestine! NYC Cultural Boycott Pledge (650+ signatories)

Artists Against Israeli Apartheid: Montreal (500+ signatories)

Black for Palestine (1,100+ signatories including artists, scholars and activists)


South African Artists Against Apartheid (40+ signatories)


#ArtistsforPalestine: Twitter | Instagram (60+ signatories)

#DJsforPalestine: TwitterInstagram (120+ signatories)

#MusiciansforPalestine (1,500+ signatories)

Letter Against Apartheid (16,000+ signatories)

Queer Cinema for Palestine (200+ signatories)

#VisualArtsforPalestine: Instagram (1,000+ signatories)


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