18 years of BDS and 18 related impacts so far in 2023

Take a look back at some highlights in our struggle for Palestinian rights in the first half of 2023.

As we approach the 18th birthday of the BDS movement for Palestinian rights, we take a look back at some highlights in our struggle for Palestinian rights in the first half of 2023:

  1. In a massive victory for human rights, G4S, the largest security firm in the world, decided to completely divest from apartheid Israel. This decision followed 13 years of tireless BDS campaigning with support from global partners.

  2. Barcelona's Mayor suspended institutional relations with apartheid Israel, including the twinning agreement with Tel Aviv. The decision was supported by over 54 prominent figures, including Mark Ruffalo & Susan Sarandon as well as progressive Jewish groups and individuals from 15 countries.

  3. Norway's capital, Oslo, announced it will exclude from procurement companies that directly or indirectly contribute to Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

  4. The Belgian city of Liège voted to end all ties with Israel, citing its regime of “apartheid, colonization and military occupation” against Palestinians, and Verviers (Belgium) cut its ties with the Israeli apartheid regime to “strengthen its support for the Palestinian people.”

  5. The mayor of Belém (Brazil) declares the city an Apartheid Free Zone.

  6. The PLO, the BDS movement, and Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations issue a historic anti-apartheid call to intensify global pressure to dismantle Israel's regime of settler-colonialism and apartheid.

  7. Palestinian trade union bodies and professional syndicates urge all trade unions, trade union federations, and professional syndicates worldwide to contribute to the Palestinian-led Anti-Apartheid Movement.

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  8. Despite the hypocrisy of FIFA's decision to remove them as a host, Indonesia stood for Palestinian rights and called for the exclusion of apartheid Israel from the Under-20 Men’s World Cup. while the governor of Bali opposed the inclusion of apartheid Israel team.

  9. Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE Manitoba), which represents 37,000 workers, announced its support for the BDS movement to end Israeli apartheid and oppression of Palestinians.

  10. The Brit and Grammy award-winning artist Sam Smith canceled their performance in apartheid Israel, following pressure from fans and supporters of Palestinian rights.

  11. South African Rugby Union (SARU) rescinded an invitation to the Tel Aviv Heat, a team representing apartheid Israel, for the Mzansi Challenge.

  12. US Tech Companies shut down operations in Israel, following the lead of Israeli tech giants that have moved abroad, further undermining investor confidence in the troubled Israeli economy.

  13. Brazilian organizations forced the cancellation of a propaganda event at the University of Campinas featuring complicit Israeli universities. And UK scholar Sophie Grace Chappell withdrew from an ethics conference in apartheid Israel.

  14. Indigo Music Festival canceled an event in Sinai after popular pressure led by BDS Egypt because of Israeli participation in the festival in violation of the movement’s anti-normalization guidelines.

  15. Balkan Trafik Festival in Belgium ends partnership with apartheid Israel.

  16. In response to the artworkers’ strike against the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, due to its complicity in supporting Israeli apartheid, the Finnish National Gallery accepted new ethical guidelines leading to a substantial milestone for the art community.

  17. Following intense boycott pressure, including PACBI’s call to boycott all films supported by the Rabinovich Foundation, the racist Israeli film fund will reportedly end its insistence that filmmakers seeking its support must sign a loyalty oath to deny in their films the reality of Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing against Indigenous Palestinians..

  18. Following a year long European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to ban trade with settlements, the European Committee on Petition (PETI) decided unanimously that the European Commission must respond to our demand to stop trade with illegal settlements. 

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These 18 BDS-related impacts are just a snapshot of where we stand today. Thank you for continuing to stand in solidarity with our non-violent struggle against apartheid, settler colonialism and occupation and for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality!



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