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Oslo announces an end to trade with goods and services produced in illegally occupied areas

Norway's capital, Oslo, announced that it will not trade in goods and services produced in areas that are illegally occupied in violation of international law. Its procurement policy will exclude companies that directly or indirectly contribute to Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise - a war crime under international law.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition leading the global BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality, warmly welcomes this decision and salutes the tireless work of Norwegian grassroots groups, trade unions and parties that have made it possible.

Following the Barcelona mayor’s suspension of ties with apartheid Israel, this Oslo city council decision rejects complicity and promotes human rights. We call on cities worldwide to sever ties with apartheid Israel to support the Palestinian quest for freedom, justice, and equality. Let’s escalate #BDS campaigns now to #DismantleApartheid!

Announcement of new Oslo City Council policy that excludes settlement goods and services illegally produced in occupied territory has come from the governing mayor and finance councilor. Details of the new policy will be voted on in the coming days.


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