BNC Statement

Escalate BDS pressure now to impose a complete ceasefire

Global outrage and solidarity with Palestine have been decisive in forcing the US-Israel genocidal axis to accept a temporary suspension of Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of the 2.3 million Palestinians trapped in the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip. The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian coalition leading the global BDS movement, calls for more pressure now to impose a complete ceasefire and lifting of Israel’s slow-genocide siege.

As Israel has vowed to later resume its bombing, we must escalate BDS pressure, including peaceful, strategic disruptions of the Western hegemonic system that arms, funds and shields Israel from accountability. Ending all state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel’s genocidal regime is more urgent than ever.

After we collectively stop the #GazaGenocide, there should never be business as usual with apartheid. Israel must face unprecedented accountability, and the ICC must be pressured to issue arrest warrants for Israeli war criminals. We need more boycotts, divestment, and lawful sanctions, particularly comprehensive military embargos, until Israel’s 75-year-old regime of settler-colonialism and apartheid is dismantled. Only then can we enjoy freedom, justice and equality.


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