Boycott HP- Campaign Update during #GazaGenocide

Read our latest update to find out how HP and HP Enterprise complicit in Israel’s Gaza genocide.

Apartheid Israel is carrying out a genocide in Gaza, as has been noted by UN experts, leading scholars and legal institutions. It has killed more than 18,000 Palestinians and displaced 1.9 million of them. It is important, more than ever, to continue resisting the genocide and dehumanization of Palestinian people through effective actions of solidarity.

The campaign to boycott HP companies - HP Inc and HP Enterprise- is a concrete way of building this solidarity. We share here updated information reflecting the complicity of both companies with Israel’s genocide, apartheid and settler colonialism. 

We call on both companies to end their ties of complicity and provide clear evidence of it.

  • Serving War Criminals: HP Inc’s Israeli subsidiary - HP Indigo - provides products and services to the offices of Benjamin Netanyahu and Betzalel Smotrich, both directly responsible for war crimes and what international law scholars, genocide experts, and UN officials recognize as Israel’s unfolding genocide in Gaza. 

  • Supporting War Crimes: HPE provides maintenance services for the servers of the Israel Police enabling it to perpetrate  human rights violations and war crimes such as home demolitions and forced displacement in the occupied West Bank and across historic Palestine. Currently, Israeli police are arbitrarily and violently attacking Palestinians, whether citizens of Israel or non-citizens in the West Bank, arresting them without charge, and repressing their right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression. They are also shielding and enabling violent settler mobs attacking them, inciting racial violence against them, and in some cases torturing them in horrifically similar ways to those debased criminal tactics used by US occupation forces in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

  • Backbone of Apartheid: HPE provides Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority exclusive servers for its racially segregated ID card system, which allows Israeli apartheid to racially discriminate against and dominate Palestinians and deny them their rights. It also holds information about Israeli citizens living in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

  • Enabling Violation of Prisoners’ Rights: HPE provides servers, data storage and data security services for Israel's prisons, where Palestinian political prisoners and child prisoners are held hostage in inhumane conditions and are often tortured. As part of Israel’s ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, en masse arrests have escalated in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.


As Israel continues to carry out unprecedented massacres in Gaza, we need urgent grassroots action to pressure complicit corporations to stop enabling this genocide. Ask your workplaces, universities and community centres not to buy HP Inc equipment. Call on your city council , bank and other public institutions to divest from HPE.

Boycott and divestment against HP-branded companies NOW!


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