Tell Our World in Data: Stop manipulating Covid-19 vaccination data to whitewash Israeli apartheid

Our World In Data, a project tied to Oxford University, has emerged as a leading source of data for news outlets to report on Covid-19 vaccination rates worldwide. 

All along, Our World in Data has been feeding false information to the world about Israel’s supposed ‘high vaccination rates’ by manipulating data to eliminate Palestinians under Israeli occupation from the equation.  

Nineteen rights groups including over a dozen Palestinian human rights organizations, progressive Jewish groups, Israel’s B'Tselem and Physicians for Human Rights, and Amnesty International wrote to Oxford University demanding it to stop reproducing Israel’s biased and racist figures, which cover up its medical apartheid. 

Under international law Israel is responsible for vaccinating the millions of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. 

Our World in Data/Oxford University has refused the demand for moral, ethical, and academic integrity, choosing instead to aid Israel’s propaganda efforts. 

Join the 19 rights groups and demand Our World In Data accurately track Israel's vaccination rates and stop whitewashing Israeli apartheid!


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