BNC Statement

Victory for Palestinian Political Prisoners!


The Palestinian BDS National Committee, (BNC), the broadest coalition leading the global BDS movement, celebrates the victory of Palestinian political prisoners who bravely struggle for their human rights while languishing in apartheid Israel’s prisons. 

Yesterday, over 1,000 prisoners were prepared to declare an open ended hunger strike in protest against aggravated measures of violence, repression and collective punishment by Israeli authorities. Many more prisoners were prepared to join the strike if their demands were not met. The threat of this mass hunger strike, supported by Palestinians everywhere and by rising global solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice, has compelled the Israeli authorities to stop its most repressive measures.

The strike threat also coincided with the triumph of Palestinian administrative detainee Khalil Awawda, whose heroic, 6 months long hunger strike forced the apartheid authorities to commit in writing to releasing him in October after many months of detention without charges or trial.

Despite these victories, an Israeli court yet again renewed the solitary confinement order of Ahmad Manasra, who was imprisoned as a child of 13 years and has been tortured physically and psychologically for 7 years. Two brothers Adel and Ahmed Moussa also continue their open hunger strike in protest of their administrative detention. 

Today, there are 4,450 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, including 175 child prisoners and 27 female prisoners. Some 670 of them are administrative detainees held without charge and denied due process. 

We affirm our full support to all Palestinian political prisoners and reiterate our call to #FreeThemAll. 

We call for the escalation of all BDS campaigns globally in order to further isolate Israel’s regime of apartheid, settler-colonialism and military occupation. We highlight HP as a core example of corporate complicity in Israeli apartheid. HP still provides its services to Israeli prisons and police and thus is a major partner in the crimes committed against our Palestinian people, including political prisoners.


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