Palestinian civil society launches a campaign to get Israeli spyware out of Europe

January 20, 2023

Europe is infiltrated with spyware from apartheid Israel and is complicit in financing this harmful sector. #banspyware #militaryembargo #IntellexaOutofEurope

As part of its ongoing campaign to impose a comprehensive military and security embargo on apartheid Israel, the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the largest coalition in Palestinian civil society, is launching a new campaign to drive Israeli spyware out of Europe. More than in any other continent, European governments are buying Israeli spyware to spy on each other, on their own citizens and on citizens of countries in the Global South.

Trying to formally distance itself from Israel in the aftermath of the global scandal surrounding the Israeli NSO’s Pegasus spyware, Israeli company Intellexa is registered in Cyprus and claims that it is not subject to Israeli regulation. This is a blatant lie. Like NSO, Intellexa sells sensitive weaponized Israeli technology with Israel’s official approval. It operates in Sudan, Greece, and Bangladesh, among other countries.

Apartheid Israel has used spyware to attack Palestinian civil society organizations in a failed attempt to undermine their efforts in gathering evidence of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity for investigations by the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice.

European governments, and the European Union, are both complicit in the crimes of apartheid Israel as they purchase this technology, which Eduard Snowden had warned cannot be effectively regulated, and must be banned. Israeli spyware has violated the rights of Palestinians for years, and today it is used to violate the rights of people worldwide as it is sold to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes and enables brutal human rights violations.

Israeli spyware, and spyware in general, must be globally banned. We start with the continent in which Israeli spyware has spread most shamelessly: Europe. Eventually, we strive for a world in which human rights activists can plan protest actions without the secret police listening in, in which lawyers can speak with clients in privacy, in which journalists can protect the identity of their sources, and in which political dissidents have a fair chance in a democratic process.

Step one of our campaign is to get Israeli spyware firm Intellexia out of Europe.

Help us to denounce that Intellexa operates from European territory and expose its lies  that it is not directly connected to Israeli apartheid and that the Israeli government does not bear responsibility for enabling acts of espionage– and worse – against civilians.

Read here the brochure on the dangers of spyware.

January 20, 2023


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