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Our collective efforts can help stop #GazaGenocide

People power is rising, and more is needed. Let’s escalate the pressure!

Three weeks after the beginning of Israel’s genocidal war on 2.3 million Palestinians in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip, global mobilizations opposed to it and supportive of Palestinian rights have radically shifted international public opinion. Mass demonstrations and solidarity initiatives by unions, artists, students, academics, ordinary people of conscience have built grassroots pressure to influence international policy.

As a result, most of humanity voted on October 27th at the UNGA, 121-14, against the US- Israel axis, despite the bullying, intimidation, and dehumanizing anti-Palestinian propaganda, and for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce.” This was a vote against genocide and against US-Western neocolonial hegemony, as it was also a vote for justice and accountability.

While a lot has been achieved through our efforts, Israel’s genocidal war continues in Gaza, where over 8,306 Palestinians, including at least 3,457 children have been murdered. In the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, ethnic cleansing, violent attacks by armed fascist settlers, and draconian repression have intensified. At least 120 Palestinians have been murdered, thousands detained and a number of communities are being ethnically cleansed. Now is the moment to step up our mobilizations!

Through our mass protests and mobilizations let’s: 

  • Continue to shift the narrative and pressure governments for the implementation of UNGA resolution for humanitarian truce, aid and against forced displacement.

  • Escalate all BDS campaigns to end state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel’s genocide and apartheid, including imposing a comprehensive military embargo on Israel, as was done against apartheid South Africa.

  • Pressure the International Criminal Court to end its blatant hypocrisy and immediately act to stop the US-Israeli unfolding genocide against Palestinians.



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