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The Indian Boycott HP Pledge

May 6, 2016
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HP boycott pledge by BDS India

The India Boycott HP Pledge

*** We also encourage organizations and institutions to sign this pledge. Please email us here  with your organizational endorsement. ***

Hewlett Packard (HP) companies profit from Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

They enforce apartheid by providing Israel with technology for its racist population registry, which is used to systematically discriminate against Palestinians ; they entrench colonialism by maintaining their spin-off DXC Technology in an illegal Israeli settlement built on stolen Palestinian land in occupied West Bank; and they enforce Israel’s military occupation by exclusively providing computers to the Israeli army, which are used to carry out human rights violations, including restricting Palestinians’ right to movement.

A growing number of trade unions, students councils, and local governments - most recently Dublin, Ireland’s capital - have vowed to discontinue all business contracts with HP companies due to their complicity in grave human rights violations.

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Until Hewlett Packard companies - including HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprises and all spin-offs such as DXC Technology - end their complicity in Israel’s human rights violations:

I Pledge not to purchase HP products including printers, computers, and ink. My existing HP equipment will be my last, and I will replace it with another brand.
I Appeal to  local councils, academic institutions and retailers to end all business contracts with HP companies.


May 6, 2016
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