Israeli Apartheid Week Update: Inspiring Worldwide Actions & Unity

As the 2023 edition of Israel Apartheid Week (IAW 2023) enters its last days, the International Coordination Committee of IAW 2023 sends its warmest wishes of a blessed Ramadan to all those observing and celebrating this holy month. 

This is also a moment to celebrate the impeccable set of impactful actions that have been organized by activists all around the world - from Mozambique to Malaysia; Argentina to Canada; the UK to the US; Kenya to Korea; South Africa to Norway; Australia to France; and across the Arab world. Hundreds of IAW gatherings, marches, protests and creative displays of solidarity are showing that People are against Apartheid

But this is also a moment to reflect on the mounting threats to the Palestinian people. Israel’s new government, its most far-right, racist, and fundamentalist ever, presents a serious unmasked escalation in its 74-year-old system of settler-colonial and apartheid domination of all Palestinians. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity to expose the whole system of oppression like never before. 

Global solidarity is growing tremendously and is starting to impact decision makers in many countries. It will not be silenced by repressive attacks on our right to boycott, as the inspiringly broad participation in the current edition of Israeli Apartheid Week demonstrates. The IAW 2023 International Coordinating Committee takes this opportunity to salute all solidarity activists and groups that have been fighting against repression and insisting on standing up for Palestinian liberation. 

In this context, it is important to reaffirm the guiding values of our movement: the indivisibility of justice, the intersectionality of our struggles, and the profound ethical duty of doing no harm to other struggles for justice. In adhering to these values we hold strong to our principles of  anti-racism, non-discrimination, and non-violence. Any events or actions that do not adhere to these IAW principles, as stated on our website, are not part of IAW.

The International Coordinating Committee calls on activists and communities to continue to take action during the last days of IAW 2023, upholding our collective principles for an ethical and impactful way to achieve the justice, freedom, and equality we seek in Palestine and around the world. 

Together, we celebrate our unity, our diversity and our commitment to principled, strategic action to dismantle Israeli apartheid and all systems of oppression. 


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