PACBI Statement

Boycott Israel – Don’t Play another “Sun City”!

May 21, 2007
Performing in Israel at this time is morally equivalent to performing in South Africa during the apartheid era. We all remember how leading Rolling Stones musicians played a prominent role in enforcing a cultural boycott of apartheid South Africa in the 1980’s, and participated in recording the timeless song, Sun City, which had a singular influence on raising public awareness about apartheid and its injustices. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights Prof.

Performing in Israel at this time is morally equivalent to performing in South Africa during the apartheid era. We all remember how leading Rolling Stones musicians played a prominent role in enforcing a cultural boycott of apartheid South Africa in the 1980’s, and participated in recording the timeless song, Sun City, which had a singular influence on raising public awareness about apartheid and its injustices. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights Prof. John Dugard, and South African government minister Ronnie Kasrils have repeatedly declared, Israel has created a worse system of apartheid than anything that ever existed in South Africa.

Indeed, Israel’s policies throughout its illegal military occupation of Palestinian territory, which have surpassed their South African counterparts, include house demolitions; Jews-only colonies and roads; uprooting hundreds of thousands of trees; indiscriminate killings of civilians, particularly children; incessant theft of land and water resources; denying freedom of movement to millions under occupation, cutting up the occupied Palestinian territory into Bantustans, some entirely caged by walls, fences and hundreds of roadblocks. Sixty years since the Nakba, Israel’s planned campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, and 40 years into its military occupation of Palestinian and other Arab territory, Israel has consistently and relentlessly violated basic human rights and relevant precepts of international law with utter impunity. Moreover, Israel’s war of aggression against Lebanon last year caused more than one thousand civilian deaths, not to mention massive destruction to infrastructure and decimation of entire residential neighbourhoods.

The resounding failure of the international community to date in ending Israel’s occupation, collective punishment, and other forms of oppression was what prompted Palestinians to appeal to international civil society to bear its moral responsibility to put an end to injustice, just as it did against apartheid South Africa. To this end, Palestinian civil society has almost unanimously called for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it fully complies with international law and recognizes the fundamental human rights of the people of Palestine. A specific call for cultural boycott of Israel was issued last year, garnering wide support. Among the many groups and institutions that have heeded the Palestinian boycott calls and started to consider or apply diverse forms of effective pressure on Israel are the Church of England; the Presbyterian Church (USA); a group of top British architects; the British National Union of Journalists in the UK; the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU); the South African Council of Churches; the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) in Ontario; Aosdana, the Irish state-sponsored academy of artists; celebrated authors, artists and intellectuals led by John Berger; and Palme d’Or winner director Ken Loach. Is it too much, then, to expect conscientious artists like the Rolling Stones to similarly uphold the values of freedom, equality and justice for all by supporting the growing boycott against Israel?

We appeal to your moral principles and your record of standing up for human rights and human dignity. If the reports are true, we sincerely hope that you shall cancel this ill-conceived and particularly harmful concert in Israel. If they are not true, we urge you to issue a statement to clarify where you stand on this issue of principle.



1. Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Ramallah, Palestine
2. Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Jerusalem, Palestine
3. El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe, Al-Bireh, Palestine
4. Yabous Productions, Jerusalem, Palestine
5. Popular Art Centre, Al-Bireh, Palestine
6. Jerusalem Center for Arabic Music, Jerusalem, Palestine
7. Darat al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation, Amman, Jordan
8. International Academy of Art, Ramallah, Palestine
9. Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah, Palestine
10. Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
11. Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG), UK
12. Interfaith Council for Peace in the Middle East, Cleveland, USA
13. Americans Against the War - France, Paris, France
14. Comite pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient, Luxemburg
15. International Solidarity Movement, North Carolina, USA
16. Canada Palestine Association, Canada
17. Idriss Stelley Foundation, San Francisco, USA
18. Palestinian Counselling Center, Jerusalem, Palestine
19. Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
20. Academics For Justice, USA
21. Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid-Southern California, USA
22. Culture and Free Thought Association, Khan Younis (Gaza), Palestine
23. Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign, UK
24. Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, Palestine
25. Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Boston, USA
26. Union of Health Work Committees, Jerusalem, Palestine
27. Platform Solidarity with Palestine, Seville, Spain

Artists, Academics, Intellectuals, Human Rights Activists
(Affiliation is for identification only)

28. Dennis Brutus, Poet, Activist and Academic, Durban, South Africa
29. John Berger, Artist and Writer, London, UK
30. Gayatri C. Spivak, Director, Center for Comparative Literature & Society, Columbia Univ., NY, USA
31. Ahdaf Soueif, Author, London, UK
32. Rima Tarazi, Musician, Ramallah, Palestine
33. Jan-Erik Lundstrom, Museum Director, Bildmuseet, Sweden
34. Chico Ocaña, Flamenco Musician, Martires del Compas, Seville, Spain
35. Raymond Deane, Composer and Pianist, Dublin, Ireland
36. Frank Hendriks, Musician, Amsterdam, Netherlands
37. Suleiman Mansour, Artist, Jerusalem, Palestine
38. Moshe Machover, Professor and Israeli dissident, London, UK
39. Nancy du Plessis, Writer and Performer, NY, USA / Berlin, Germany
40. Joseph Purugganan, Musician, Quezon City, Philippines
41. Rich Siegel, Pianist, Vocalist, Teaneck, USA
42. Samah Idriss, Editor, Al-Adab Magazine, Beirut, Lebanon
43. Issam Batran, Palestinian Ministry of Culture, Ramallah, Palestine
44. Jeremy Pikser, Screenwriter, NY, USA
45. Mustafa al-Kurd, Musician, Jerusalem, Palestine
46. Dana Bartelt, Director, Prague Institute - College of Design, Prague,Czech Republic
47. Mark Brown, Theatre Critic, Glasgow (Scotland), UK
48. Patricia Alessandrini, Composer, Paris, France
49. Samieh Jabbarin, Film and Theatre Director, Jaffa, Palestine
50. Amina Rachid, Professor, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
51. Orwa Nyrabia, Filmmaker, Damascus, Syria
52. Margaretta D'Arcy, Member of Aosdana and the Writers Guild GB, Galway City, Ireland
53. John Arden, Member of The Royal Society of Literature and the Writers Guild GB, Galway City, Ireland
54. Miko Peled, Israeli Peace Activist, San Diego, USA
55. Harold A. Knight, Music Director, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Farmers Branch, USA
56. Pierre Abi-Saab, Journalist, Beirut, Lebanon
57. Reem Fadda, Artist and Curator, Ramallah, Palestine
58. Mehreen Saigol, Filmmaker, London, UK
59. Sehbal Senyurt, Documentary Film Director, Bodrum, Turkey
60. Zakaria Mohammed, Author, Ramallah, Palestine
61. Rim Banna, Palestinian Singer and Composer, Nazareth
62. Leonid Alexeienko, Ukrainian singer & composer, Nazareth
63. Ada Garton, Artist, Llanelli, UK
64. Andrew Clement, Prof. of Information Studies, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
65. Nawel Skandrani, Choreographer, Tunis, Tunisia
66. Josef Brown, Performer, London, UK
67. Hans Kretz, Musician, Paris, France
68. Malcolm Crowthers, Musician & Creative Photographer, London, UK
69. Mary Ann DeVlieg, Project co-Director, Arte e Dialogo, Turin, Italy
70. Ulla Lundqvist, Writer, Sweden
71. Trevor Richard Wells, Project co-Director, Arte e Dialogo, Turin, Italy
72. Sameh Yahya Bshara, Architect, Dubai, UAE
73. Paola Canarutto, Exec. Committee Member, European Jews for Just Peace, Turin, Italy
74. Jacqueline de Bruijn, Film Director, Netherlands
75. Jayce Salloum, Filmmaker, Vancouver, Canada
76. Rania Elias-Khoury, Director, Yabous Productions, Jerusalem, Palestine
77. Juliette Touma, Media and Public Relations Activist, Palestine
78. Omar Barghouti, Dance Choreographer, Palestine
79. Mary Morcos van Teeffelen, Curator, Bethlehem University Library, Bethlehem, Palestine
80. Herman Asselberghs, Artist, Brussels, Belgium
81. Walid Kazziha, Chair, Dept. of Political Science, American Univ. in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
82. Jonathan Rosenhead, Emeritus Prof. of Operational Research, London School of Economics, UK
83. Phil Rendel, English Department, Kingswood College, Eastern Cape, South Africa
84. Diana el Jeiroudi, Filmmaker, Damascus, Syria
85. Ron G. Davis, Founder, San Francisco Mime Troupe, San Francisco, USA
86. Brigitte Neufeldt, Multimedia Artist, Monakam, Germany
87. Brian Johnston, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
88. Ekram Quran, Graphics Artist, Ramallah, Palestine
89. Mary Ellen Davis, Filmmaker, Montreal, Canada
90. Kirsten Scheid, Assistant Prof. of Anthropology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
91. Janet E. Ertz, Artist, Schenectady, USA
92. Majeed Al-Barghouthi, Palestinian Poet and Writer, Amman, Jordan
93. Hagit Borer, Linguistics Dept., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
94. Rania Jawad, Emergency Broadcast Artists, NY, USA
95. Ted Stoffer, Dancer, Brussels, Belgium
96. Matthew Cassel, Photographer, Chicago, USA
97. Brian Pickett, Theaters Against War, NY, USA
98. Vicki Obedkoff, co-Chair, Church in Society Committee, Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada, Toronto, Canada
99. Svinda Heinrichs, co-Chair, Church in Society Committee, Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada, Toronto, Canada
100. Claudine Dauphin, Honorary Prof. in Archaeology and Theology, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK
101. Bertell Ollman, Dept. of Politics, New York University, NY, USA
102. Jean Bricmont, Prof. of Physics, university of Louvain, Belgium
103. Julie Guard, Labour Studies Program, University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada
104. Deborah Fink, Singer, London, UK
105. John Halaka, Professor of Visual Arts, University of San Diego, San Diego, USA
106. Patrick Wolfe, ARC Australian Research Fellow in History, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
107. Mahmoud El Lozy, Professor of Drama, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
108. Anne Martin, Senior Lecturer, University of Granada, Granada, Spain
109. Miranda Pennell, Filmmaker, London, UK
110. John Smith, Filmmaker and Prof. of Fine Art, University of East London, London, UK
112. Caroline Rooney, Dir., Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Research, Univ. of Kent, Kent, UK
113. Sue Blackwell, Dept. of English, Univ. of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
114. Sue Harris, Co-Director, Peoples Video Network, NY, USA
115. Adania Shibli, Author and Screenwriter, London, UK
116. Julian Phillips, Architect, Cardiff, UK
117. Najwa Najjar, Filmmaker , Ramallah, Palestine
118. Randa Farah, Assistant Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada
119. Richard Hudson, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, UCL, London, UK
120. Mounira Soliman, Professor, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
121. Sayed AlBahrawy, Professor, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
122. Jennifer Hsu, Video Producer, Alternate Focus, San Diego, USA
123. Elaine Hagopian, Prof. Emerita of Sociology, Boston, USA
124. Jamil Hilal, Writer, Ramallah, Palestine
125. John Spritzler, Author and Research Scientist, Harvard University, Boston, USA
126. Rita Giacaman, Professor of Community & Public Health, Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine
127. Rosemary Sayigh, Anthropologist & Oral Historian, Beirut, Lebanon
128. Muna Giacaman, Lecturer, Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine
129. Serene Huleileh, Arab Education Forum, Amman, Jordan
130. Raed Asfour, Al Balad Theatre, Amman, Jordan
131. Sam Richmond, Consultant Neonatologist, Sunderland Royal Hospital, Sunderland, UK
132. Nancy Harb Almendras, Teacher, Wiesbaden, Germany
133. Anne Selden Annab, Poet, Mechanicsburg, USA
134. Sharif S. Elmusa, Prof. of Political Science, American University Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
135. Ibrahim Dakkak, Member of The Higher Islamic Committee, Jerusalem, Palestine
136. Dina Jacir, Students for Justice in Palestine, Hampshire College, Amherst, USA
137. James C. Faris, Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA
138. André W. Payant, Writer, Ottawa, Canada
139. George Salzman, Prof. Emeritus, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Boston, USA
140. David Ingleby, Professor of Intercultural Psychology, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
141. Geno Rodriguez, Director of Alternative Museum, NY, USA
142. Khalil Bendib, sculptor/cartoonist, Studio Bendib, Berkeley, USA
143. Ashraf Abdul Fattah, Lecturer in Translation, Univ. of Westminster, London, UK
144. Jay Murphy, Writer and Academic, Aberdeen (Scotland), UK
145. Khalil Nakhleh, Anthropologist, author, Ramallah, Palestine
146. Lois Nakhleh, Artist, Ramallah, Palestine
147. Vera Tamari, Artist, Ramallah, Palestine
148. Sari Hanafi, Assoc. Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon
149. Stephanie Cronin, Fellow, Iran Heritage Foundation, Univ. of Northampton, Northampton, UK
150. Abdelkader Mokhlisse, Prof., Faculty of Sciences, Marrakech Univ., Marrakech, Morocco
151. Paul Tabar, Chair, Social Science & Education Division, Lebanese American Univ., Beirut, Lebanon
152. Samuel R. Peterson, Retired Prof. of Islamic Studies, Arizona State Univ., USA
153. Sara R. Powell, Editor of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Oakland, USA
154. Tilde Rosmer, Research Fellow, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
155. Sylvia Finzi, Artist, London, UK
156. Gaie Delap, Artist and Teacher, Bristol, UK
157. Howard Davidson, Assoc. Prof. of Extended Education, Univ. of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada
158. Agustin Velloso, Prof. of Comparative Educ., Univ. Nacional de Educ. a Distancia, Madrid, Spain
159. Philip Gasper, Prof. of Philosophy, Notre Dame de Namur Univ., Belmont, USA
160. Gaby Saldanha, Professor, Imperial College London, London, UK
161. Mark Lance, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University, Washington (DC), USA
162. Miriam Adams, Justice First, New Mexico, USA
163. Paula Abrams-Hourani, Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, Austria
164. Lawrence Davidson, Prof. of History, West Chester University, West Chester, USA
165. Sam Bahour, Palestinian-American Businessman, Youngstown, USA / Al-Bireh, Pal.
166. Leila Batran, Translator, Ramallah, Palestine
167. Chris Burns-Cox, Physician, Gloucester, UK
168. Ken Baker, St. Jerome Publishing Ltd, Manchester, UK
169. Jenny Howell, Oyster Clothing, Cardiff, UK
170. Rabab Abdulhadi, Assoc. Prof. of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State Univ., San Francisco, USA
171. Anat Matar, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
172. Mary Rizzo, Tlaxcala Translations Collective and Blogger, S. Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
173. Rev. Dr. Leonard B. Bjorkman, Owego, USA
174. Ronnie Barkan, Anarchists Against The Wall, Tel Aviv, Israel
175. Dave Chappell, Fire Brigades Union official, London, UK
176. Ahlam Haroun, Projects Coordinator, Bani Naim Charitable Society, Hebron, Palestine
177. Guenter Schenk, Collectif Judéo-Arabe et Citoyen Pour la Paix, Strasbourg, France
178. Nachoua el Azhari, Head of Translation Section, League of Arab States, Cairo, Egypt
179. Mouna Schaheen, Teacher, Tucson, USA
180. Timothy Williams, Retired Civil Servant (Inland Revenue), Exeter, UK
181. Eldad Benary, Engineer, Saugerties, USA
182. Ron& Maria De Stefano, NJPeace Action, West Paterson, USA
183. Francis Clark-Lowes (DPhil), Invitation to Learn, Brighton, England
184. Karin Friedemann, Editor, World View News Service, Boston, USA
185. Jules Rabin, Writer, Marshfield, USA
186. Amir M. Maasoumi, Pres. of Centre de Resource sur la Non-Violence, Montreal, Canada
187. Manal Swairjo, Ph.D, Scientist, San Diego, USA
188. Michael Letwin, Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War, NY, USA
189. Naomi Binder Wall, Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation, Toronto, Canada
190. Imad Badran, National Institute for Agricultural Research, Strasbourg, France
191. Caty Rodriguez, Translator, Tlaxcala, Spain
192. Diana Ralph, Associate Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
193. Gary Fields, Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego, USA
194. Samia Shannan Tamimi, Admin., Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art, Ramallah, Palestine
195. Di Brandt, Canada Research Chair of English Dept., Brandon Univ., Brandon, Canada
196. Issam Nassar, Professor of Middle East History, Illinois State University, Illinois, USA
197. John Docker, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National Univ., Australia
198. In’am El-Obeidi, Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine
199. Ned Curthoys, Fellow, Research Sch. of Humanities, Australian National Univ., Canberra, Australia
200. Mary Yoder, Registered Nurse & Member, Christian Peacemaker Teams, London (OH), USA
201. Claude Grégoire, Teacher, Luxembourg
202. Atenea Acevedo, Translator, Mexico City, Mexico
203. Michael Gillespie, Member of the Ames Interfaith Council, Ames, USA
204. Carlos Sanchis de Andrés, Translator, Tlaxcala, Catalunya, Spain
205. Rachella Mizrachi, Writer, Tel Aviv, Israel
206. Greg Wilkinson, Educator, Llanelli, UK
207. Ron Ganzfried, Business Engineer, Bern, Switzerland
208. David S. Cutler, Researcher, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
209. Perrine Olff-Rastegar, Collectif Judeo-Arabe et Citoyen pour la Paix, Strasbourg, France
210. Raeda Bandak, Clinical Lab Scientist, San Francisco, USA
211. Faris Sayegh, Independent Consultant, Nicosia, Cyprus
212. Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network, Chicago, USA
213. Tom McVitie, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Edinburgh (Scotland), UK
214. Marlene Newesri, Justice Activist, NY, USA
215. Jeanette Cool, Musician, Amorfia Productions, San Francisco, USA
216. Ann Pett, Teacher, Los Angeles, USA
217. Giorgio Forti, Jews against Occupation, Milan, Italy
218. Amal Hawwa, Journalist and Editor, Beirut, Lebanon
219. Pauline Nunu, Dep. Coord., Ecumenical Accom. Pgm in Palestine and Israel, Jerusalem, Palestine
220. Nina Gren, Social Anthropologist, Guttenberg, Sweden
221. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Life Member, National Union of Journalists, London, UK
222. Joseph Abousamra, Psychology Dept., Birzeit university, Birzeit, Palestine
223. Leigh Brady, Defence for Children International (DCI), Jerusalem, Palestine
224. John Chalcraft, Lecturer, London School of Economics, London, UK
225. Bridget Wallace, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
226. Peter Waterman, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands
227. Kristina Zouein, Jewelry Designer , Beirut, Lebanon
228. Piera Redaelli, Terre des Hommes Italia Foundation, Italy
229. Ruth Tenne, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, London, UK
230. Marilyn Wylie, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Exeter, Exeter, UK
231. Nahed Pust, Member of Women in Black , Strasbourg, France
232. George Paizis, French Dept., UCL, London, UK
233. Anita H Fábos, Refugee Studies, University of East London, London, UK
234. Joel Kovel, Author, NY, USA
235. Hana al Bayaty, Executive Committee, Brussels Tribunal, Cairo, Egypt
236. Clare Meiklejohn, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Exeter, Exeter, UK
237. Eoin Gildea, Structural Engineer, Donegal, Ireland
238. Smadar Carmon, Israeli Peace Activist, Toronto, Canada
239. Petros Constantinou, Coordinator, Campaign Genoa 2001, Greece
240. Yiannis Sifakakis, Coordinator, Stop the War Coalition, Greece, Greece
241. Georgia Mylonaki, “Intifada” Solidarity Assoc. with the Palestinian People, Athens, Greece
242. Luk Brusselaers, Social Worker, Kuitaart, Netherlands
243. Susan Wehling, Assoc. Prof. of Spanish, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, USA
244. Judit Druks, Senior Lecturer, Human Communication Science, UCL, London, UK
245. Lily Aida Haskell, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, San Francisco, USA
246. Jean-Pierre Thys, Palestine Health Group, Brussels, Belgium
247. Arthur West, Staff Trade Union Convener in East Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire (Scotland), UK
248. Maureen Clare Murphy, Journalist, Chicago, USA
249. Samira Hassasian, Former Lecturer, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Palestine
250. Carl Zaisser, Teacher, Vienna, Austria
251. Edmond Smith, Executive Office, Independent Workers Union, Cork, Ireland
252. Sam Noumoff, Political Science Dept. (retired), McGill University, Montreal, Canada
253. Irman Ghaffar, Geographer, Manchester, UK
254. Siham Rashid, Director of PR, Palestinian Counseling Center, Jerusalem, Palestine
255. Reema Shwaiky, Capacity Building Dir., Palestinian Counseling Center, Jerusalem, Palestine
256. Richard Seaford, professor, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK
257. Philippe Lavalette, Alliance Québécoise des Techniciens de l'Image et du
258. Son, Montreal, Canada
259. Mamdouh EL-Adl, Consultant Psychiatrist, Northampton, UK
260. Carlos Sanchis de Andros, Mugarik Gabe, Catalunya, Spain
261. Heather Bursheh, Musician, Edinburgh (Scotland), UK
262. Fausto Velazquez, Artist, Seville, Spain
263. Maria Manrique, Artist, Seville, Spain
264. Bert Gedin, Birmingham Stop the War Coalition, Birmingham, UK
265. Huwaida Arraf, Co-Founder, International Solidarity Movement, Washington (DC), USA
266. David Ward, Composer, Aberdeenshire (Scotland), UK
267. Helen Chessum, Director, Devon English School, , Newton Abbot, UK
268. Les Levidow, Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Technology, Open University, UK
269. Assaf Kfoury, Prof. of Computer Science, Boston University, Boston, USA
270. Jacqueline Sfeir, Educator, Bethlehem, Palestine
271. Rafiq Farah, Archdeacon Emer., Church of St. Andrew, Toronto, Canada
272. Mona Fawaz, Assistant Prof. of Urban Planning, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
273. Suha Najjar, Regional Coordinator, Arab Youth mobility Fund (Safar), Amman, Jordan
274. Birgit Althaler, Translator, Basel, Switzerland
275. Basel Nasr, Graphics Artist, Ramallah, Palestine
276. Amer Shomali, Graphics Artist, Ramallah, Palestine
277. Christine Ferrier, Producer, Geneva, Switzerland
278. Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Action Adv. Off., Israeli Comm. Against House Demolitions, Jerusalem
279. Haithem El-Zabri, Director,, Ramallah, Palestine
280. Mohamed Dawud, Multimedia Specialist, Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine
281. Adel Nasser, IT Services, University of Manchester , Manchester, UK
282. Sonja Zimmermann, Member, Netherlands Palestine Committee, Netherlands
283. Les Skeates, Poet and Essayist, Devon, UK
284. Noora Baker, Dancer and Choreographer, El-Funoun Dance Troupe, Al-Bireh, Palestine
285. Linda Clair, Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Manchester, UK
286. Randa Awad, Assistant Gen. Dir., Edward Said Nat’l Conservatory of Music, Jerusalem, Palestine
287. Shirley Parfitt, Communication for Development, London, UK
288. Faris Arouri, Chairman, Peace & Freedom Youth Forum, Ramallah, Palestine
289. Andrew Rouse, Consultant in Public Health, Birmingham, UK
290. Raymond Prucher, Artist and Educator, Dubai, UAE
291. Dan Burnstein, Lawyer and Photographer, Boston, USA
292. Miguel Guardado Albarreal, Translator, Granada, Spain
293. Nadia Habash, Architect, Ramallah, Palestine
294. Tommy Hansson, Boycott Israel, Sweden
295. Souhad Rafey, Curator, NY, USA
296. Reem Khalil, Environmental Engineer, Ramallah, Palestine
297. Judith Haiven, Chair, Department of Management, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada
298. George Deo, Author, Compton, USA
299. Fanny-Michaela Reisin, Prof. of Software Eng., Technische Fachhochschule Berlin, Germany
300. Lilaine Cordova Kaczerginski, Education Counselor, Paris, France
301. Huda Odeh, Head of Programs, Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Jerusalem, Palestine
302. John Beverley, Professor of Latin American Literature, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
303. Yerah Gover, Prof. of Sociology, City University of New York, NY, USA
304. Harry Berbrayer, Member, Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians , Duncan, Canada
305. Rosemary Darville, Teacher (retired), Duncan, Canada
306. Amal Masri, General Manager, Ougarit Advertising, Ramallah, Palestine
307. Michael Kouwenhoven, Child Psychologist, Leiden, Netherlands
308. Greta Berlin, Women in Black Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA
309. Aleid Sevenster, Translator, Leiden, Netherlands
310. Natasha Aruri, Board of Dir. Secretary, Peace and Freedom Youth Forum, Ramallah, Palestine
311. Anahi Ayala Lacucci, Associazione Comunite Papa Giovanni XXIII, Rimini, Italy
312. Dorothy Macedo, Company Director, Wellington, New Zealand
313. Oriol Poveda, Translator , Barcelona, Spain
314. Ismail Patel, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Leicester, UK
315. Jan Elshout, Author, Wervershoof, Netherlands
316. Rosario Zayas Fernandez, Diseñadora de Joyas, Seville, Spain
317. Melanie Newton, Assistant Prof. of History, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
318. Pat Bryden, Educator, Edinburgh (Scotland), UK
319. Diane Langford, Writer, London, UK
320. Hristina Mouratidou, Centre for Drama and Education, Mostar, Bosina & Herzegovina
321. Chandra Muzaffar, International Movement for a Just World (JUST), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
322. Alexandre Zimmermann, Teacher (retired), Netherlands
323. Linda Milazzo, Writer, Educator and Activist, Los Angeles, USA
324. Eileen Fleming, Poet, Author, Clermont, USA
325. Hussin Solaiman, Arabic Novelist, Houston, USA
326. Freda Guttman, Artist, International Middle East Media Centre, Beit Sahour, Palestine
327. Ruba Anabtawi, Photographer and Journalist, Jerusalem, Palestine
328. Fred Johnston, Writer, Galway City, Ireland
329. Rahul Varma, Playwright and Artistic Director, Montreal, Canada
330. Natasha Mayers, Artist, Whitefield, USA
331. Jeff Pekrul, Computer Software Development Specialist, San Francisco, USA
332. Ferial Ghazoul, Prof. of English and Comparative Literature, American University in Cairo, Egypt
333. Lena Jayyusi, Associate Prof. of Communication and Media Studies, Zayed Univ., Dubai, UAE
334. Rob James, Filmmaker, Journalist and Educator, Bognor Regis, UK
335. Wassim Abdullah, ICT Consultant, Ramallah, Palestine
336. Jana Traboulsi, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
337. Rania Ghosn, Architect, Beirut, Lebanon
338. Andrew Benbow, Publisher, London, UK
339. Saher Hadi, General Manager, Rainbow Center, Nablus, Palestine
340. Charlotte Bank, Archaeologist and Art Historian, Germany
341. Maria Gallardo, Teacher, Seville, Spain
342. Micaela Adame, Teacher, Seville, Spain
343. Andres Aranda, Engineer, Seville, Spain
344. Bilal Dirbas, Baladna-The Arab youth Association, Haifa, Israel
345. Mazen Karam, Country Manager, The Morganti Group, Ramallah, Palestine
346. Leon Rosselson, Songwriter and Children's Author, Wimbley, UK
347. Sofronis Efstathiou, Programme Leader, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK
348. Tchaik Chassay, Architect, London, USA
349. Saddam Awar, Economist, Jerusalem, Palestine
350. Gale Courey Toensing, Journalist, Canaan, USA

May 21, 2007


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