Boycott DGTL Tel Aviv 2022

Festivalgoers will dance on the ruins of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village

Palestinians call on all international participants in DGTL Tel Aviv 2022 to withdraw, just as they would have withdrawn from a South African festival during apartheid there.

Taking place in Yarkon Park in apartheid Tel Aviv, DGTL Tel Aviv festivalgoers will dance on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Jarisha.

Just last month, Israeli forces massacred 47 Palestinians including 17 children in the besieged Gaza Strip, a short drive from Tel Aviv.

Performing at DGTL Tel Aviv can only artwash apartheid Israel’s massacres, ethnic cleansing and military occupation, regardless of intentions. 

Several artists withdrew from the 2018 and 2019 editions of the festival after appeals from Palestinian and international human rights defenders.

Many electronic musicians have endorsed our struggle for freedom, justice and equality through the inspiring #DJsforPalestine initiative.

We urge all DGTL Tel Aviv participants and partners to withdraw. If you cannot join our struggle, at least don’t harm it.

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