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Join Palestinian women in speaking out against Israel’s apartheid Miss Universe pageant

The international contest takes place tonight despite widespread calls to boycott its glamour-washing of Israel’s crimes

"Never has a competition for the title of Miss Universe sparked so much political controversy." 

That’s how an article in Le Monde described apartheid Israel’s hosting of the international beauty pageant, taking place tonight in the ruins of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village.

Several countries cancelled their involvement entirely, Greece’s contestant boycotted in solidarity with Palestinian women, and the South African government withdrew its support.

Now we need your help to reach the pageant’s audience during the contest!

Using the click-to-tweet links below, you can join the campaign to boycott the contest that is glamour-washing Israel’s massacres and apartheid regime. 

This year, together we’ve made great strides. Celebrities have spoken out for Palestinian rights and endorsed effective measures to hold apartheid Israel to account in unprecedented numbers.

Let’s take that momentum forward into 2022 – but first, let’s remind the world that any international event complicit in Israel’s apartheid regime will be boycotted by progressives.

In solidarity,

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Tweet: Thousands of artists & scholars pledged to boycott apartheid Israel this year alone. No wonder Israel's far-right regime is desperate to use #MissUniverse to polish its tarnished image.</p>
<p>#BoycottMissUniverse2021! #MissUniverse2021</p>

Tweet: Rafaele Plastira, #MissUniverse Greece, boycotted Israel's apartheid pageant in solidarity with Palestinians. Officially selected in June, Plastira's subsequent withdrawal was widely reported in Greek media.</p>
<p>#BoycottMissUniverse2021! #MissUniverse2021</p>

Tweet: The South African government has withdrawn its support for the country's entrant to #MissUniverse, citing Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Israel's apartheid regime.</p>

Tweet: WATCH: Palestinian women thank those who boycotted apartheid Israel's #MissUniverse pageant.</p>
<p>The contest glamour-washes apartheid Israel's war crimes.</p>
<p>No beauty in apartheid!</p>
<p>#BoycottMissUniverse2021<br />
#MissUniverso<br />
#70thMissUniverse<br />

Tweet: The Palestinian Feminist Collective,


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