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Palestinians call on UN Member States to speak up against Israeli apartheid in the General Assembly on November 29 - 30

29 November is the United Nations’ international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people. This year, the day marks 75 years since the UN first debated the Question of Palestine. Since then hundreds of resolutions by the UN have gone without implementation, placing Israel “on a pedestal” above international law, as Desmond Tutu once said.

This year’s UN Special Meeting in solidarity with the Palestinian people will be held in person on Tuesday, 29 November from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (New York time) and will be livestreamed on UN WebTV. Palestinian civil society calls on participating UN member states to speak up in the strongest terms against Israel’s regime of settler-colonialism, military occupation and apartheid that has oppressed the Palestinian people for over seven decades. 

We call on states to do the same on Wednesday, 30th November, in the plenary meeting of the General Assembly that will address the Question of Palestine and the situation in the Middle East. 

We call on UN member states to use these opportunities on November 29th and 30th to show meaningful solidarity with the Palestinian people by:

  1. Affirming the growing international consensus that Israel is an apartheid state;
  2. Calling on the UNGA to adopt immediate and effective measures to dismantle Israel’s apartheid, including by banning arms trade and military-security cooperation with Israel and reactivating UNGA mechanisms against apartheid, such as the Special Committee Against Apartheid;.
  3. Extending support to the growing, global and Palestinian-led anti-apartheid movement.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee


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