CAF: Get out of occupied Jerusalem!


Saturday 11 June is the annual shareholders' meeting of CAF, a Basque company that is building the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR), a tram line that serves Israel's illegal settlements in Jerusalem and fosters the Israel’s regime of apartheid and settler colonialism.

The JLR runs through occupied Jerusalem and contributes to Israel's systemic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Jerusalem, which is illegal under international law.

We need your help to put pressure on CAF's shareholders: CAF must end its complicity in Israel’s violent occupation of Jerusalem.

The Basque railway company CAF participated in and won a tender in the occupied city of Jerusalem for the extension and maintenance of the Light Rail line (now called Light Train or JLR, Jerusalem Light Rail).

This light rail project involves confiscation of Palestinian land for its construction, creates a new physical obstacle to the free movement of the Palestinian population, and links illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory with the city of Jerusalem, facilitating the movement of the occupying power's population into occupied territory.

Your support  is needed to increase the pressure on CAF to abandon the project to build Israel's colonial tramway.

Pressure works and there is a precedent. Last May 2021, the Norwegian Oil Fund divested from CAF's partner in the Jerusalem Light Rail, the Israeli company Shapir, because of its complicity in human rights violations. The Norwegian Oil Fund is also a shareholder in CAF.

On Saturday 11 June, CAF shareholders will have a choice to make: pull the company out of occupied Jerusalem, or continue to be entangled with gross human rights violations.

Stop CAF's illegal business in occupied Jerusalem!