BNC Statement

BDS movement response to hate-filled joint declaration

Apartheid Israel and its U.S. partner in crime launched a hate-filled attack on the BDS movement. Escalate BDS campaigns now to #DismantleApartheid and march with us until freedom, justice and equality.


Biden’s joint declaration with the racist Israeli leader is, as expected, a fest of hate, racism and warmongering. It further exacerbates U.S. complicity in funding, defending and enabling Israel’s decades-old regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.

The two governments’ propaganda attack on the Palestinian-led BDS movement is only the latest desperate attempt to shield apartheid Israel from growing calls for meaningful accountability in accordance with international law. By placing BDS among their top priorities, their declaration simultaneously attests to the fast rising impact of the BDS movement and shreds to pieces the U.S. administration’s already flimsy pretense of respect for freedom of expression and human rights.

Rooted in a long heritage of Palestinian popular resistance and supported by mass movements representing tens of millions worldwide, the BDS movement is undeterred by this latest attack. We shall march on until freedom, justice and equality.

#DismantleApartheid #PartnersInCrime.




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