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“We’re drawing attention to Israel’s use of LGBT rights as a propaganda tool to justify apartheid policies and the occupation of Palestinian territories,” said QuAIA spokesperson and longtime gay rights ac

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The Holy Land Awareness and Action Task Group, of the Social Justice and World Affairs Committee within South West Presbytery of the United Church of Canada, has launched Occupied with Peace in Palestine, a Boycott/Divestment Campaign. “The non-violent Campaign,” says spokesperson Rev.

June 21, 2011
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Today 51 Canadian filmmakers issued a statement of protest to Hot Docs documentary film festival stating “as members of the film and arts community, we are deeply disappointed to learn that Hot Docs has decided to partner with the Israeli organization CoPro Documentary Marketing Foundation.
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The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) is disappointed to learn that Hot Docs has partnered with the Israeli organization “CoPro Documentary Marketing Foundation” to organise a Canadian Delegation to CoPro 13, a forum for international documentary co-productions to be held in Tel Aviv from 23 – 30 May, 2011.

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TORONTO — Following this week’s report from City of Toronto staff concluding that the term ‘Israeli apartheid’ does not violate the city’s anti-discrimination policy, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is announcing new plans for Pride 2011 that will pose a challenge for Mayor Rob Ford.

“Last year’s struggle was around censorship and our right to march in our community’s Pride parade,” says QuAIA spokesperson Tim McCaskell.


Image credit: http://www.hsjp.org/Mohammad Talaat, The Electronic Intifada

Following a sharp increase in divestment efforts across North American college campuses last spring, this academic year promises an even greater number of in

September 15, 2010
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Vancouver – Port truck traffic slowed to a crawl along the Deltaport causeway as a group of about 50 protesters approached drivers with leaflets containing information about the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza. They also offered the drivers coffee and muffins in a gesture of solidarity.

August 24, 2010