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Do You Own Puma Sportswear? Join #RebrandPuma!

If you purchased Puma gear before the company decided to support Israel's illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, rebrand it by writing “Boycott” over the logo!

More than 200 Palestinian sports teams are calling on Puma to end its support for Israel’s military occupation. Last year, Puma became the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Puma’s sponsorship of the IFA gives Israel a green light to continue its illegal land grabs pushing Palestinian families off their land.

Supporters of Palestinian human rights who had already purchased Puma gear before Puma’s sponsorship deal with the IFA have been rebranding their Puma clothing, shoes, hats and bags. By writing “Boycott” over the Puma logo, they are advertising their support the call from Palestinian athletes.


Do you own Puma branded sportswear? Rebrand it!

Write “Boycott” or other messages in support of the campaign above the Puma logo, or simply tape over the Puma logo. Make a short video or take a photo of yourself while rebranding your Puma gear and post it on social media using the hashtag #RebrandPuma. See sample tweet/post below:

I bought @Puma gear before Puma decided to support illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Until Puma ends complicity in Israel’s military occupation, I will #RebrandPuma in support of Palestinian athletes calling to #BoycottPuma. Join me.

On October 26, groups in 20 countries will join the second global day of action at Puma outlets, offices and matches of Puma-sponsored teams.

Join them on social media with #RebrandPuma!



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