BDS impacts of 2022 so far

The BDS movement turned 17 earlier this month. Take a look back at 17 victories for Palestinian rights so far this year and join with us in the march onwards to freedom, justice and equality!

Over the last year Indigenous Palestinians have endured Israeli apartheid, brutal repression, and ongoing Nakba. Nevertheless, we have achieved many milestones with your support. One recent and major milestone is Amnesty International’s February 2022 report concluding that Israel’s cruel system of racial domination over the entire Palestinian people constitutes the crime against humanity of apartheid. The BDS movement has been at the core of the Palestinian anti-apartheid movement for years and now we are witnessing history in motion.

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Our success is down to you. On our 17th anniversary, join us as we take a look back at 17 major achievements of the BDS movement in 2022, and join us as we march onwards to freedom, justice and equality! 


1. Artists and arts organizations withdrew en masse from the prestigious Sydney Festival over its partnership with Israeli apartheid.

2. HPE ended their contract providing servers for the computerization of Israel’s population database, known as Aviv System. The campaign continues to mobilize against HPE’s complicity with Israeli police and prison services.

3. Several Arab authors from Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabi withdrew from “Emirates Airline Festival of Literature” which was a clear attempt to whitewash the UAE's human rights atrocities while normalizing its alliance with apartheid Israel.


4. Australia's Future Fund excluded investments in Elbit Systems apartheid Israel’s largest private arms company.

5. The UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk confirmed Israel perpetrates the crime of apartheid. In April, five UN human rights experts endorsed the report confirming Israel's crime of apartheid.

6. Activists from 21 African countries gathered in Dakar for the first ever Pan-African Anti-Apartheid Conference in support of Palestine, organised by  Pan-African Palestine Solidarity Network. Participants committed to organize until Israeli apartheid is dismantled. . 


7. Arab and international athletes and teams from Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Iran and Spain refused to normalize Israeli apartheid and denounced the hypocrisy of selective action by Western-dominated international sporting bodies.


8. Argentina football team canceled a planned "friendly" match in apartheid Israel, after public campaigning and an open letter from Palestinian football team Al Khader.

9. CUNY Law School joined hundreds of academic departments, programs, unions and societies worldwide standing for Palestinian rights and calling to end complicity in Israeli apartheid.

10. The Harvard Crimson editorial board endorsed the Palestinian-led BDS movement and 50 Harvard faculty members pledge their support.

11. A delegation of South African clergy representing the World Council of Churches, the South African Council of Churches and The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa issued a call on Christian communities and institutions as well as governments to recognize and denounce Israeli policies as apartheid and to end all support to Israeli apartheid.


12. General Mills announced that the company​​ sold its stake in its joint venture in apartheid Israel, following several years of BDS pressure.

13. Norway's largest trade union federation (LO Norge), with almost 1 million members, declared its support for boycotting apartheid Israel and called on Norway to endorse #UNinvestigateApartheid.

14. Historic motion passed unanimously by the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO) endorsing the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions complicit in Israel’s regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.

15. Parliament of Catalonia passed a resolution making it the first parliament in Europe to recognize Israel is committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people. In the same week, Polish political party “Razem” recognised Israel is an apartheid state and endorsed the BDS movement.

16. US band Big Thief announced the cancellation of their two scheduled concerts at Barby in apartheid Tel Aviv after heeding the appeals of thousands of their fans.


17. Organizing Committee of Lisbon Pride refused the participation of apartheid Israel’s ambassador in this year’s march.

These 17 BDS impacts are just a snapshot of where we stand today. Thank you for taking action and for continuing to stand in solidarity with our non-violent struggle against apartheid, settler colonialism and occupation and for freedom, justice and equality of the Palestinian people!

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