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Cats Vs PUMA. Cats Stand Against Israeli Apartheid.

PUMA is nervous!

Last month, PUMA’s CEO said “BDS” by mistake as he was talking about the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

He did it in front of 200 shareholders at PUMA’s 75th anniversary AGM!

PUMA is clearly rattled by the growing boycott campaign over its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

On Saturday, groups around the world will join the Boycott PUMA Global Day of Action.

We’ve got a great way for you to join them!

Let’s put the power of cats on social media to good use!

Join #CatsVsPUMA!

 Print these signs or make your own and share images of your cat with the hashtag #CatsVsPUMA!

 Share these images of cats taking a stand against Israeli apartheid.

 Share #CatsVsPUMA on social media. 


PUMA has partnered with the Israel Football Association, which governs and advocates for maintaining teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Israeli settlements are illegal land grabs forcing Palestinians from their homes.

As PUMA celebrates its 75th anniversary, Palestinians are marking 75 years of violent Israeli oppression. Israel is able to maintain, expand and escalate its apartheid regime with impunity thanks in part to the support from companies like PUMA.

BDS campaigns have forced major corporations, like G4S, that are complicit in Israeli apartheid and a litany of human rights abuses around the world to end ties with Israeli apartheid.

What’s stopping self-claimed “progressive” PUMA from following suit?

Let’s step up the pressure on PUMA until it lives up to its claim of a “devotion to universal equality” by ending its complicity in Israeli apartheid. 

ps: More of a dog person? We welcome #DogsVsPUMA, too!


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