Boycott Puma Global Day of Action: Don’t Put Israeli Apartheid Under the Christmas Tree – Dec 12

Puma's support for Israel's military occupation and apartheid regime makes it the... Worst. Gift. Ever. Join groups across the world for the fourth day of action protesting Puma's support for Israel's illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, December 12.

Israel’s far-right government is escalating its expansion of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

At the same time, it is demolishing Palestinian homes in record numbers, leaving hundreds of Palestinian families homeless during a pandemic.

Puma’s support for these violent land grabs makes it the… Worst. Gift. Ever.

Don’t put Israeli apartheid under the Christmas tree
Register for 4th #BoycottPuma Global Day of Action, Dec 12

Israel’s military occupation and illegal settlements force Palestinian families from their homes, with full backing from the Trump administration. 

Puma says it supports equality but is helping to prolong the brutal dispossession of indigenous Palestinians.

Puma supports football teams in Israel’s illegal settlements and its exclusive licensee in Israel has branches in settlements.

Puma, Sponsor of Israeli Apartheid: Worst. Gift. Ever.
Register for 4th #BoycottPuma Global Day of Action, Dec 12

As communities across the world grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, climate catastrophe and the effects of savage capitalism, our choices as consumers are more important than ever.

Our choices and campaigns have the power to effect change. We can convince companies to abide by their ethics and human rights policies.

Puma cares deeply about its image. A Puma attorney told us that our calls to boycott Puma are making their lives “miserable.”

Join us as we work to convince Puma to end its deeply immoral support for Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights.

Take Action:

Below are ideas for the #BoycottPuma Day of Action, whether in your home or, if local COVID-19 restrictions allow, at Puma shops or retailers.

Get creative! Bring sports themes to your actions and share on social media.

Use the hashtags #BoycottPuma and #PumaFam (Puma’s own, which we’ve completely hijacked!).

1. Organize a ‘Worst. Gift. Ever.’ action at a Puma shop or retailer

Get creative. Let consumers know that Puma is the ‘Worst. Gift. Ever.’ Use Puma’s store locator or search for Puma on Google Maps to find Puma branded shops in your city.

2. Score a #BoycottPuma goal for Palestinian rights

Set up a #BoycottPuma goal and score a point for Palestinian rights or organize a mock football match. Share a photo or video on social media with the #BoycottPuma hashtag. 

3. Involve the world of sports

Encourage local sports associations, popular sports teams, fan clubs and anti-racist sports tournaments to join actions with photos and videos.

4. Do you own Puma branded gear? Rebrand it!

Write “Boycott” above the logo of Puma gear you own, or simply tape over the Puma logo. Make a short video or take a photo of yourself while rebranding your Puma gear and post it on social media. Sample tweet:

I bought @Puma gear before Puma supported illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Until Puma ends complicity in Israel’s military occupation, I will #RebrandPuma in support of Palestinian teams calling to #BoycottPuma. Goodbye #PumaFam! https://bdsmovement.net/boycott-puma

5. Call on Puma-sponsored teams to #BootPuma

Check to see if local teams are sponsored by Puma and urge them to drop Puma. Take a photo with your team’s jersey while holding a #BoycottPuma sign.

6. Deliver or send the letter from 200 Palestinian clubs to Puma offices

Puma has offices in Germany, the UKSpainPortugalItalySwedenNorwayFinlandDenmarkAustriaNetherlandsFranceCzech RepublicPolandTurkeySouth AfricaUAE, the USArgentinaChileMexicoPeruIndiaAustraliaSingaporeMalaysiaIndonesiaJapanSouth KoreaHong Kong.

7. Organize a talk or workshop

Involve local sports associations in a webinar on Israel’s attacks on Palestinian sports and the #BoycottPuma campaign. Get in touch for possible speakers: pacbi@bdsmovement.net

8. Start a campaign for Divestment

Investigate whether your pension fund, bank or any other institution you are a member of is an investor in Puma and ask them to divest. Get in touch for help on this: pacbi@bdsmovement.net


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