Outraged at apartheid Israel’s crimes against Palestinians? Here are 5 things you can do.

In many countries, governments and corporations are deeply complicit with Israel’s decades-old regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid, just as they were complicit in the apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel can only sustain this regime of oppression with international complicity. 

Here are the 5 most effective things YOU can do to challenge this complicity and support the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality:

  1. Work with progressive networks to pressure parliament and government to (a) end all military-security cooperation and trade (military funding in the US case) with apartheid Israel and similarly criminal regimes of oppression worldwide, (b) ban all goods/services of companies operating in Israel’s illegal colonial settlements; and (c) demand a UN investigation of Israeli apartheid.

  2. Mobilize pressure in your community, trade union, association, church, social network, student government/union, city council, cultural center, or other organization to declare it an Apartheid Free Zone (AFZ), ending all relations with apartheid Israel and companies that are complicit in its system of oppression.

  3. Boycott products/services of, and/or mobilize institutional pressure to divest from, Israeli and international companies and banks that are complicit in Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity. This includes all Israeli banks (Leumi, Hapoalim, etc.) and major multinationals such as: Elbit Systems, HP, G4S/Allied Universal, AXA, CAF, PUMA, Caterpillar, General Mills/Pillsbury, Hyundai Heavy Industries, JCB, Volvo, Barclays Bank, Alstom, Motorola Solutions, and CEMEX.

  4. Cancel all academic, cultural, sports, and tourism engagements in Israel or supported/sponsored by Israel (or its lobby groups and complicit institutions).

  5. Join a BDS campaign or a strategic Palestine solidarity group near you to act collectively and effectively.

Channel your anger and mobilize to dismantle apartheid and all forms of racism and oppression.

Action Alert

Tell international chefs: Don't cater to Israel’s #ApartheidRoundTables

Between October 29 and November 17, 2017 head chefs from 14 famous restaurants from cities around the world will spend a week cooking in Tel Aviv as part of the Israeli government's Public Relations efforts to distract from its policies of occupation and apartheid by bringing international prestige to Israel’s culinary scene. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is flying the chefs to Israel and the initiative is sponsored by Dan Hotels, a chain complicit in Israel’s war crimes with a branch built on stolen Palestinian land in occupied East Jerusalem.

Chefs from ten countries and over 180 civil society groups have signed letters appealing to the chefs to cancel their participation in this whitewashing exercise. Following appeals from concerned members of the public, Irish chef JP McMahon announced he has withdrawn his participation from this year’s Round Tables festival.

The Round Tables festival is even more tasteless as it cynically features a number of farm-to-table restaurants at a time when Israeli settlers ramp up attacks against Palestinian families gathering for the annual olive harvest and the Israeli army continues to impose a cruel siege on Gaza, pushing unemployment to 42% - the highest rate in the world.

Join us in calling on these chefs not to cater to Israeli apartheid. You can help by sending a principled appeal on social media calling on the chefs to cancel their participation. Send them messages on Twitter or in their FB pages with the hashtag #ApartheidRoundTables. 

Tweet or post messages to the chefs and restaurants. See below for more sample tweets and posts as well as memes to share.

7132 Silver, Swiss Alps
Twitter: @7132Hotel
Chef Sven Wassmer
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2xz5fyA

Andreu Genestra, Mallorca
Chef Andreu Genestra Garcia
Twitter: @AndreuGenestra
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2ynq65y

L’Air du Temps, Éghezée
Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre
Twitter: @degsan
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2wMoqq5  

Maido, Lima
Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura has withdrawn
Twitter: @Mitsuharu_maido
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2yASfqQ

El Sud 777, Mexico City
Twitter: @Sud777Mx
Chef Edgar Nuñez
Twitter: @EdgarNunezM  
Facebook: http://bit.ly/1XiLyPX

Ricard Camarena Restaurant, Valencia
Chef Ricard Camarena
Twitter: @RicardCamarena
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fKfkj1

Little Social, London
Chef Jason Atherton, Head-chef Cary Docherty
Twitter: @carydocherty
Facebook: https://goo.gl/ETLRKN

Aniar, Galway
Chef JP McMahon, restaurateur Drigin Gaffey have withdrawn
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2yA1yqV
Twitter: @mistereatgalway

The Elephant, Torquay
Facebook: https://goo.gl/owVPtA
Chef Simon Hulstone
Twitter: @Hulstone

Loch Bay, Stein, Isle of Skye
Facebook: https://goo.gl/UZQpMj
Chefs Michael and Laurence Smith
Twitter: @KiltKuisine

Kadeau, Copenhagen
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2wR41Ls
Chef Nicolai Nørregaard
Twitter: @NicolaiKadeau

Pok Pok, New York
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hsk9NQ
Chef Andy Ricker
Twitter: @pawkhrua

Il Desco, Verona
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2ynymT8
Chefs Elia & Matteo Rizzo
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hsWpsV

Xemei, Barcelona
Chefs Stefano & Max Colombo


Sample tweets/posts

Send the restaurant(s) and the chef(s) these sample tweets or post messages on their FB page:

Cancel participation in #ApartheidRoundTables propaganda culinary event while Israel oppresses Palestinians http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN

Cancel #ApartheidRoundTables propaganda event sponsored by illegal Israeli settlement business http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN

#FarmToTable? Palestinians want to get to their farms! Cancel Tel Aviv #ApartheidRoundTables http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN

#FarmToTable? Palestinians want to harvest their olives! Cancel Tel Aviv #ApartheidRoundTables http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN

While you cook in Tel Aviv, Israel counts calories 4 Palestinians in Gaza. #ApartheidRoundTables http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN

#ApartheidRoundTables whitewashes Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. Don’t be complicit. http://bit.ly/2xx9hpN


Share these memes alongside your social media message and help spread our message:




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