International writers stand against Germany’s anti-Palestinian racism


Goethe Institut conference disinvited Palestinian poet Mohammed El Kurd; is almost entirely cancelled after mass boycott


We warmly welcome the withdrawal of the many international writers and public figures from the Beyond the Lone Offender conference in Hamburg – which has been almost entirely cancelled as a result of its organisers' complicity in Germany's shameful anti-Palestinian racism.

The conference organisers, the Goethe Institut, had disinvited renowned Palestinian poet and journalist Mohammed El Kurd, leading to an inspiring display of solidarity from literary and public figures, including Ijeoma Oluo, Mohammed Hanif and others.

The boycott of the Goethe Institut's conference is the latest in a series of victories against the German establishment's anti-democratic repression, McCarthyism, and unabashed anti-Palestinian racism and dehumanisation that remind us of Germany's dark history.

Opposition to Germany's official repression against those who advocate for the rights of Palestinians has grown exponentially in recent years. The UN, countless leading artists and academics, hundreds of Jewish scholars and many others have taken stands against it.

We call for isolating all German cultural institutions that are complicit in shielding apartheid Israel from criticism and accountability through such shameful, racist tactics of censorship, intimidation and political testing.


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