BDS Pressure Works!

Overview of HP companies’ contracts with Israel Apartheid.


HP-branded corporations play key roles in Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. They are complicit in Israel’s occupation, apartheid and settler-colonial regime. HPE provides services to the Israeli police and prison services. HP Inc has been involved in providing computers to Israeli occupation forces. 

In November 2015, HP split into two companies: HP Inc. for consumer hardware like PCs and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for business and government services. 

The campaign to boycott HP was launched to end this complicity and it continues to grow strong. It has a wide range of support from city councils, trade unions, churches, student unions and broad civil society organizations. Over a decade of campaigning, many contracts between HP-branded companies and apartheid Israel have ended, showing that BDS pressure works. This includes contracts with the Israeli Navy maintaining the siege of Gaza, the Basel System contract of biometric identification used at Israeli military checkpoints, and most recently, the Aviv System contract between HPE and Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority. By providing exclusive servers for maintaining Israel’s population database, including the Yesha database of illegal settlements, HPE was complicit in maintaining a pillar of Israeli apartheid. This contract has now been phased out. 

HPE continues to provide services to Israeli prisons and police despite its full knowledge of the grave human rights violations perpetrated by both. This means HP remains complicit in apartheid. Join us for the final push as we escalate our campaigning in solidarity with Palestinian administrative detainees and other political prisoners, to end the remaining contracts between HP-branded companies and apartheid Israel.


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