Understanding Israeli Apartheid

Using the term "apartheid" when speaking of Israel evokes much debate and emotion. Proponents note that Israel is a state that affords a hierarchy of rights and privileges based on religion and ethnicity, and uses violence and segregation to enforce these. On the other hand, detractors note a number of notable differences between South African apartheid and Israel today. Are comparisons between the apartheid regime of South Africa and Israel today justified and useful? How might we understand Israel as a system of organized exclusion? In this talk, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Samer Abdelnour explores the topic of Israel and the apartheid analogy, and present a novel framework through which to better understand and challenge the complex nature of Israeli apartheid. Also read the commentary that Abdelnour coauthored for Al-Shabaka, with Aimee Shalan, Another Casualty of Israel's Wars: Palestinians' Right to Education."

Sanctions and governments
Monday, September 21, 2020