Atue agora contra essas empresas que lucram com o genocídio do povo palestino!

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Real solidarity means concrete action. Here are four ways to show real solidarity with Palestinians as we approach November 29th, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

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في يوم المرأة العالميّ، تطلق شركة "بوما" حملتها الترويجية تحت عنوان "هي تُحرّكنا"، بينما تواصل رعايتها للاستعمار والأبارتهايد الإسرائيلي. "هي تقاطع"، كان ردّ الرياضيات الفلسطينيات وزميلاتهن من حول العالم على "بوما". 

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The growth of our popular resistance and the global, Palestinian-led BDS movement give us hope at a time when Israel’s far-right regime is intensifying its system of apartheid and crimes against our people.


Supporters of Palestinian human rights and fair play in sports from more than 20 countries across the world responded to the call from Palestinian teams and athletes to boycott global sports manufa

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Take action to tell Puma: You can’t be devoted to "universal equality" while supporting Israel's apartheid regime.

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Únete a las acciones en las redes sociales y organiza una campaña #BoycottPuma para exigir al fabricante mundial de ropa deportiva que deje de apoyar a las colonias ilegales israelíes que expulsan a las familias palestinas de sus tierras.

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Join social media actions and organize a #BoycottPuma campaign to urge the global sportswear manufacturer to end its support for Israel’s illegal settlements pushing Palestinian families off their land.